Our Easter 2017

Our Easter 2017

So, Easter has been and gone and despite Easter falling quite late this year, it did still seem to all of a sudden be upon us from nowhere.

We don’t really have any particular Easter traditions, something we ought to rectify! Good Friday is usually a pretty quiet day, and it worked quite well for us this year. We tackled the children’s rooms – sorting toys out and giving it all a really good tidy and clean. The children were pretty good and helped and we unearthed some toys for Mr H to play with too – he likes transferring – putting things into things, so a couple of toys we found are perfect for him.

On Saturday Miss E and I went shopping – I wanted fresh veg for the Easter Sunday meal and I needed to get some cleaning bits too. We stopped at a few different shops and it was lovely to have some time with just Miss E. We even managed to sneak in a trip to McDonalds for a bagel and orange juice, much to her delight.

When we got home the children were colouring and playing games and Damian’s parents popped up for a little while. I had printed some of the dot to dot sheets and colouring sheets from Twinkl and they both enjoyed doing these.

easter dot to dot sheet

In the afternoon we headed round to a friends house for a barbecue. The children had great fun playing and running around the garden. The weather was dry but a bit breezy so once we had eaten we moved inside. Our hosts have a great game – ShuffleBoard and everyone was soon having a go at this game.  It’s a good game and one that I think with some practice at you can probably get reasonably good at. Damian and Mr D then played another game – Mr D kept telling me it was ‘just the boys’ playing.

We headed home and the children had a slice of toast and then went to bed. The slightly later bedtime didn’t translate to a later wake up and as Mr D walked along the landing on Easter Sunday morning I could hear him saying ‘chocolate day chocolate day’. We managed to get breakfast down them before we dug into the chocolate!

We gave the children a game each that I had picked up back in February when they were on sale very cheap at the local Morrisons store – just £2 for this Rocket Game, and £2 for this Match & Spell game. We also got them a small wooden figure each. I really like the Holztiger figures so Miss E and Mr D had one of those each and Mr H a Lanka Kade one. I had also hidden a few small chocolate rabbits and the such around the house so they had a fun five minutes looking for those.

My brother and parents came down a little later in the morning and enjoyed playing the rocket game with the children and it allowed me to get on with preparing the dinner.

We had lunch mid-afternoon then Damian read with Mr D for a while, whilst I played lots of games with Miss E. Damian then went to watch the second half of the football and the children and I had a restful hour.

On Monday Mr D and Damian had some ‘boys’ time and went to McDonalds. Mr D was very excited to have pancakes! Whilst the Boy’s were out Miss E and I did some of the Easter Eggs from this lovely book we were sent by Nosy Crow. It’s called Press out and Colour Easter Eggs and it’s packed with very sturdy cardboard eggs that you literally pop out and colour. Some slot together to form a 3d shape and others hang. We coloured some in each and I’ve put this away for us to look at next year together and maybe create some Easter themed bunting.

press out and colour easter eggs

We didn’t do too much else for the rest of the day other than finish off some cleaning jobs and playing various games and the children getting on with their sticker books. Late afternoon we popped to my parents to see my Grandparents who were visiting from Cardiff.

We have all been pretty tired this bank holiday – I’ve had some sort of cold and felt pretty tired and out of sorts on Bank Holiday Monday and Miss E wasn’t great Easter Sunday afternoon. Mr H finally mastered his shuffling movement on Easter Monday so by around 11am had worn himself out and he slept for ages. He’s been a bit grumbly so I’m not sure whether it’s just developmental stuff or teeth.

We had a lovely Easter weekend and are now on the countdown to our break away next month – the children don’t know yet and I’m looking forward to the time away together. I hope you all enjoyed the extended weekend.



    • 19th April 2017 / 20:06

      it was, thank you.They both really like the space rocket game – it’s been played loads already!

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