One Third Stories – Subscription Box Review

One Third Stories – Subscription Box Review

A few weeks ago a package from One Third Stories arrived through the door. I was really looking forward to trying one of these as I had seen them a few times on Instagram and thought they’d be another little thing to add to our Spanish learning.

great way to learn lnguages for ages 4 upwards with One Third Stories

The One Third Stories is quite an interesting concept for language learning. The stories start in English and end in another language. It’s very cleverly done and is quite effective. It’s a subscription service so you simply go online, choose the language you want and you’re away.

There are a number of languages to choose from and in the pack you get a number of items to use to help learn the words that the box that month is focussing on. There is an audio book which is really helpful for checking the pronunciation of new words and phrases as well as the story book, flash cards and an activity book.

one third stories

The box itself is letter box friendly – always a plus as it means no trips are needed to the sorting office. It’s also all well packed and in nice bright yellow packaging so your children will know what it is instantly.

I did do a short unboxing video which you can see here – Mr D was really excited to get stuck into the box so we first listened to the audio book together whilst reading the book. The audio is really clear and well done. Sometimes I find audio books a bit difficult to listen to or the narrator not too engaging but the one we had, Ruby Red Riding Hood, I found to be quite easy to listen to and Mr D found it pretty engaging third stories

The next day we read the book together, by the end of the story both Mr D and Miss E could remember the words for the various fruits and liked joining in with the story on the second reading. I was impressed with how quickly they recalled them. We then played with the flash cards but if I’m honest these worked more for me than the children and I probably need to think of a more creative way to use them. There’s a short video below of Mr D going through a couple of the flashcards – please excuse the mismatched pyjamas – he has chicken pox so we were opting for comfortable clothes.


We had a look at the activity book together but at the moment it was just a bit less intriguing to the children as it required a bit of reading and writing skills which, due to their age, they don’t have at the moment. They did like the board game though and it was a good way to check their skills with the fruit.

The activiy book is useful to have to hand and I think it’s something I’ll come back to again soon with them. Both the main book and activity book are well written and illustrated and I liked the consistency between the two. I plan to put the audio story onto an MP3 player and play when we go on a longer drive somewhere.

I was pretty impressed with the One Third Stories and I think it is something I’ll look to order in the future if we find ourselves with a bit of ‘spare’ cash one month. It’s certainly a good thing to have to add to language learning for young children.

To read more about the One Third Stories subscription boxes visit their website here.



  1. 24th April 2017 / 15:22

    This looks like an excellent box full of a great variety of resources for language learning. You’re kiddos are already infinitely more clever than me! Ray x

  2. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...
    25th April 2017 / 12:06

    This looks brilliant! I’ll look into this for my 3 🙂

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