The oldest cliche in the book

The oldest cliche in the book

It really is a cliche to say it, but this past month I have really understood how time seems to fly by. Pre-children I used to hear people say they don’t know where the time goes and I never really understood it. But this past month I have finally, finally, understood what that means.

As Emma seems to have, overnight, turned into a toddler Daniel in turn has left his toddler years and is now a little boy. The picture below was taken earlier this week before we headed out for the day. I look at it in wonder. Wonder at just how I created him. In wonder at how he suddenly seems so much bigger and older and in wonder at just how fast time has flown by.

passage of timeDaniel amazes me every day at the things he says and does, the way he is able to articulate what he wants and his understanding of things. The ferocity of his emotions can, at times, stun – when he suddenly and almost inexplicably starts to wail. All I can do is try to calm him down whilst I berate myself for causing the outburst or frantically try to understand what has upset him so.

Emma this week got her first pair of shoes – a whole size 2. She is now no longer content with just walking and is trying to run and jump. She can no longer be considered a baby but very much a toddler. She is a force to be reckoned with and she knows her mind. She isn’t afraid to jump right in and she is usually found in the middle of the action – be it wading in with cars to play with the bigger children or heading over to help Damian and Daniel planting some flowers.


It may be one of the oldest cliches, but time really is going too fast and it feels like it is running away from me. I can’t believe that Daniel is almost 2.5 years and Emma is one. How did that happen?



  1. 10th April 2015 / 08:40

    It is true Sarah, it’s gone before you know it. As Daniel leaves one stage of development Emma moves into it. They are beautiful children. X

  2. 10th April 2015 / 08:48

    … and for what it’s worth the older you get the faster the clock seems to tick

  3. Pauline x
    10th April 2015 / 09:41

    Yes, that’s true Tony. They are beautiful children, and although they are growing, they will always be your babies. X

  4. 10th April 2015 / 10:21

    It is scary how quickly it goes, I can’t believe Seb will be 5 this year how did that happen!!!

  5. 12th April 2015 / 13:33

    I never really understood the whole time flying thing until I had Alexander.. When pregnant people would always say ‘treasure the time, it goes by’ and I brushed it off, but now I’m like wow! I nearly have a 1.5 year old – where has this time gone?!

  6. 14th April 2015 / 20:21

    I never truly knew what “time goes by so fast” was until I became a mum! Awww M has dinky size 2 feet too.

  7. 21st April 2015 / 10:21

    This is a good observation. We saw the same thing in our 3 year old nephew who now all of a sudden seems to be so much more engaged than he was what seems like only a few short months ago. His imagination is the most noticeable thing, it surprised me when we were playing and a rolled up piece of paper was in fact a monster!

    • 28th April 2015 / 07:44

      awww, my son is just starting the imagination thing. He sat in a box the other day and declared it was a boat. The first sparkle I have seen and it’s beginning to happen more and more now 🙂

  8. 21st April 2015 / 12:40

    I hear you. Our tot is nine months in a few days. 9 months! I feel like the last 4 just disappeared.


    • 28th April 2015 / 07:42

      and it just goes by faster and faster!!

  9. 21st April 2015 / 21:22

    Time sure does fly! My youngest is going to nursery soon. When he does, I just know I will be hysterical. Then I’ll probably have to get a puppy…or a goldfish. Just something to fill the whole in my heart. But not another baby…not unless I win the lottery x

    • 28th April 2015 / 07:39

      I think a puppy would be harder work than a baby!!

  10. 24th April 2015 / 02:50

    I blinked, and my twins turn 9 in two weeks. They’re halfway to moving out!!! I completely agree with you. There’s a reason cliches get started! Thanks for linking up at #twinklytuesday!

    • 28th April 2015 / 07:37

      It’s scary isn’t it just how quickly times seems to pass by!!

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