Letters To Father Christmas

Letters To Father Christmas

As tradition would dictate, the oldest two have, in the last week, written and sent their letters off to Father Christmas.

We asked them a week or so ago what they would like to ask for, and both really struggled to provide any ideas. I asked them again at the start of last week and they settled on a couple of items each.

We are lucky I guess in some ways that they aren’t really exposed to any peer pressure at the moment – when they see friends it’s usually outside playing, so they’re too absorbed in their play and clamouring over things to be comparing who has the latest must-have items. They also don’t watch much TV so don’t the relentless adverts telling them what there is to buy. To be fair though, even when they have been in the shops with me they don’t really ask for much.

This year, Mr D has asked for a scooter (influenced by Miss E’s recent scooter!) and some more lego. He really enjoys making up lego and is pretty good at it.  Scooter wise I think we might get him this one from Skates. He likes the light up wheels on Miss E’s scooter so this should fit the bill we hope. I’ve managed to pick up some lego sets in the various toy sales that have taken place – Argos and Sainsburys mostly so I am sure they will keep him busy.

letters to father christmas

Miss E has asked for a Paw Patrol cup, a new princess doll and some princess lego. Again I have picked up bits and pieces for her in the various sales. We have got her an Ariel and Cinderella doll as well as some Rapunzel themed lego. I am still working on the Paw Patrol cup but am sure I’ll be able to get one in B&M or similar.

In addition a few months ago I picked up the Learning Resources coding mouse which was on a really good offer so they have that as a joint gift.

Mr H has Duplo this year. He really doesn’t need anything – we have so many toys already. He does seem to enjoy playing with the mega blocks and Duplo that we have already so I’ve got a couple of small sets to add to our collection, as these are toys that are quite open-ended and can be used in many different ways.

letters to father christmas

We posted our letters to the Royal Mail address last week – you can read more here about the address to send your letters to. I look forward to seeing the reply the children get in due course.

Have your children written their letters to Father Christmas yet?



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  1. Pat
    27th November 2017 / 11:47

    Me and Daniel saw Paw Patrol cubs in the cheap shop at Crown Point North on Thusday. There were 3 or 4 in a pack. I’ll get them x

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