London Through Time

London Through Time

A few months back we were sent a pile of books and in there was a lovely new edition of The Secret Garden. It was part of a new ‘classics unfolded’ series (you can read the review here). I loved the idea and the concept and was thrilled to see that the series has been expanded to cover Cities Unfolded.

I was sent a copy of London Through Time and it is a book that is sure to have a lot of appeal and act as a trigger for further investigation and study about London and its history.

London Through time is a great introduction to the history of London

Iconic landmarks can be found (St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster, The London Eye) and the street scenes depict how people would have lived through the ages.

The book includes time periods such as the Roman Settlement, Tudors, The Great Fire of London, The Blitz, Elizabeth II’s coronation through to the modern day in Trafalgar Square.

The detail in the illustrations are exquisite and each time I’ve sat down to look at this I have spotted new details. I am sure it will capture the imagination of many young readers.

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