Life as a Family of Five

Life as a Family of Five

As I write this, Mr H is nine days old. We are adjusting slowly to life as family of five and things seem to be OK.

Miss E adores her younger brother, and is constantly asking him if he is OK, are telling me that he wants more milk when he wakes and cries. She is very attuned to moods and feelings and when I have been upset she has come over and asked if I want a cuddle or a rest.

Mr D is less interested in his youngest sibling, although in the past day or two he has been more interested in him. I am sure as Mr H becomes more interactive he will soon capture his attention.

We had an unexpected stay in hospital on his one week birthday – poor feeding and him being excessively sleepy raised a few alarm bells. After speaking to the Midwife who looked after me in both Mr D and Miss E’s pregnancies she referred us to the paediatric team at hospital for a check. 24 hours later and a few blood and urine tests and we were home. It has meant that we have had to go down the formula route; something I’m really upset at but I suspect there is an underlying issue with me (most likely post partum thyroiditis) that is causing me issues with milk supply. It’s something I may write more on in the future. He is still taking some milk from me, and I’m hoping to continue the current set up for as long as I can.

He seems to be settling into a nice pattern and he is a very calm and chilled baby – crying only for hunger or is he is left alone. He happily snoozes in his moses basket – a novelty as Miss E was permanently attached to me for so long!

I’m feeling more or less back to normal, although I am aching and sore in the morning – my pelvis aches a lot so I need to be careful not to do too much too soon. I’m impressed with how quick my tummy is going – the pics below are taken a few hours before Mr H was born and then one week post-partum. I’m pretty impressed!

one week post partum

Our first week and a bit has been mostly spent on waiting for midwife checks and just getting jobs and the such sorted. I have tried to take it easy as I did too much too soon after Miss E and caused myself a couple of problems. I’ve found this at times frustrating, but equally I am aching and I know I need to let my body rest and catch up on the sleep I’ve lost in recent months.

Today has probably been the busiest for me. We popped to the supermarket earlier to get some food and then this afternoon the five of us popped out for a short stroll around where we live – Mr D and Miss E enjoyed being able to splash in the puddles and enjoyed snapping twigs and listening to the leaves rustling in the wind.

walk in the rain

I had Mr H wrapped up cosy in a Kangawrap I’m glad I did as the weather turned quite wet and windy so I was glad to have him snuggled close and warm. It was nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air – although I can’t help but be frustrated that I am wearing my winter coat in July!

summer rainNext week we will register his birth and sort out paperwork for bank accounts etc. I also hope to have a date sorted for his baptism and Damian returns to work following his two weeks of paternity leave.

He does have a further third week to take over the next six months so we will look forward to some long weekends together I am sure. Whilst I am anxious about Damian returning to work, I am looking forward to getting back to a sort of routine with the children and I know I have missed the semi-structure of our days, so can only imagine that they have missed some of that two.

I have some ideas of things I want to do with them – ideally plenty of time in the park if the weather ever improves, and if not then I have some things we can look at and activities to do.

I am looking forward to spending time with Mr D and Miss E as I’ve not had as much time with them in the past week as I would like, which is of course understandable.



  1. 3rd July 2016 / 06:18

    Sounds as though you are doing really well! I’m sure you’ll be fine when Damian goes back to work and you get into your own swing again. Mr H is gorgeous, I can’t wait to see him (and meet you all!) I hope the weather picks up soon so you can wear the older 2 out in the sun. xx

  2. 4th July 2016 / 20:48

    Sound’s like you are doing fab. Sorry to read about your hospital stay, it is never nice but glad he is okay xx

  3. 7th July 2016 / 06:54

    It looks like you’re settling into being a family of 5 really well. Newborns are pretty boring, so I’m sure the others will take more interest as he gets a bit bigger and spends more time awake. #sharingthebloglove

  4. 7th July 2016 / 16:49

    I really enjoyed reading this, I’m currently pregnant with my third Child and I’m so excited! Enjoy these early days lovely xx

  5. 7th July 2016 / 16:51

    Sounds like he is settling in just nicely and your family has adapted well to a family of five, you are so organised with try to arrange his baptism, I have been ‘trying’ to arrange my daughter’s for the past 9months! #sharethebloglove

  6. 8th July 2016 / 14:53

    It sounds like you’re all settling down into normal life really well! That wrap looks so lovely and cosy, although wearing a winter coat in July is rubbish! What’s up with this weather? Hope it improves soon so you can all start getting outside a bit more. Thanks so much for finding the time to join us at #SharingtheBlogLove!

  7. 10th July 2016 / 18:14

    Sounds like you are all getting used to life as a five. I just can’t believe this weather, its crazy for July. Such a special moment registering the birth, it’s like they are official then. Thank you for joining us for #SharingtheBlogLove Laura x

  8. 12th July 2016 / 21:11

    Ooh how exciting!! Sounds like you’re doing an amazing job! I struggle with one 9 month old – to me, you sound like superwoman!! Loving the sling too – baby looks snug and happy next to you! #SharingtheBlogLove

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