The end of summer sun

The end of summer sun

I’ve never really been one to crave the summer sun – I much prefer the cooler autumn days, and I love seeing the changing colours in nature and the excitement in the lead up to family birthdays and Christmas. That said, I think the summer that has just passed has been my favourite. I’ve enjoyed watching D really get into football and to see his reading ability develop. I’ve enjoyed seeing the three children play together and see their own individual personalities develop and them each try to find their own place in our family dynamic. To see H move from baby to toddler and to see Em find her own place in between her brothers has been exciting to watch.

It’s been lovely to just be able to leave the French doors open during the day and for the children to run in and out, playing together and it’s been nice to enjoy time out and about without having to pack changes of clothes for when one falls into a puddle! Time picnicing in the park with friends or simply just enjoying the good weather, or hunting for painted rocks.

I’ve enjoyed the light mornings and being able to curl up on the sofa reading together – no hurry to get dressed for the day because the long, light hours mean that later bedtimes are inevitable. I’ve enjoyed choosing the new summer clothes and Em has discovered a love of twirly dresses, as much as her brothers have enjoyed summer shorts.

We had a wonderful time over the summer and many hours of football and playing out have taken place and I know D is already worried about the impact the darker nights and wet weather will have on his time playing football!

But changes in the weather just mean a slight change in activity and the move into autumn is always a time I find our family functions best. The usual football playing today was replaced with conkering and puddle jumping – an activity we can all enjoy together. We found plenty of conkers and plenty of puddles so we were all soon soaked and needing a fresh change of clothes! It was home to get clean and dry and to pass an hour or so reading together before I headed out to meet friends.

We try to keep our Sunday’s as a slow day and Sunday afternoons really are the best time for pyjama snuggles! The wrap I’m wearing in the image below is from Pour Moi and is just perfect for these cooler days when it’s not quite cold enough for a full dressing gown but cool enough to want to wear something to keep the chilld away! The children, of course, don’t need much of an excuse to get into the pyjamas!

Autumn is my favourite time of the year for lots of reasons – that fresh air that you only seem to get in the autumn, the smell of the trees as they shed their leaves and of course those wonderful autumnal colours of reds and oranges. I always like to change around my clothing for the autumn and already I am enjoying being able to wear my autumnal dresses and boots, the scarves to dress up an outfit and of course getting the hats and gloves ready for when the move into winter happens. The children all seem to have grown a lot over the summer and this last week I’ve been sorting out the clothes that are too small and working out what I need to buy next for them all. I of course need a little treat in there for me and this year I want some new boots as well as a new dress (or two!) So far I’ve managed to treat myself to some new underwear ( the important stuff!) and have been hugely impressed with the Playtex range from UK Lingerie. Having lost a bit of weight this last year I’ve needed to get new underwear, and I wanted to make sure I invested in good quality items. I’ve not had Playtex stuff before but the quality is fantastic with lots of little extras (such as extra covering over the ends of underwiring) and a fantastic quality to the materials used. Getting the underwear right certainly makes the clothes look that little more flattering.

I’m sad to say goodbye to the summer, but I am excited for the autumn, settling into a new routine to match the new season and to seeing where the end of the year leads us to. Changing seasons are a great time to reflect and to change-up our daily routines, and I can’t wait to see what the coming months have in store.


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