Not Back to School 2018

Not Back to School 2018

So, today marks the day when the oldest two children would have headed back to school, or to school for the first time in Emma’s case.

Daniel would be going into year one, and Emma into her reception year. But, for us, we have a ‘Not Back to School’ day.

We won’t really mark today in any major way. This week has seen the start of all the usual groups again this week which brings a bit of routine back into our week and we tried out a new class on Monday which sits as part of the classical conversation curriculum, which I’ve written about in the past. I like the idea and format but I am in two minds about it. The older two enjoyed it and I think the ‘public speaking’ element of it would be excellent for them both, but it is a long session which makes it difficult for me with Harry and it means that I’m committing to being out of the house for much of the day. I’m already feeling like we are a bit over-committed with things, so I’m just not sure what to do really.

Yesterday we headed back to our usual PE group and then in the afternoon we went to a ‘not back to school’ picnic which was a great way to spend the afternoon.

As for our overall year plans, things are still pretty much as I’ve written about a week or so ago. and I plan to start much of our new routine formally next week when Damian is back to work and we have a bit of normality back to our week. I have to say I am looking forward to cracking on with things and getting through some of the larger projects we have planned.

As well as some of the formal projects I’m also thinking that we might benefit from incorporating a morning walk two/three mornings a week – I’m not sure where that walk will be too, but I think it will do us all good to get out first thing and get some fresh air and then back home to do some of the ‘work’. The children are up and ready early most days so I think it might be something for us to try for a few weeks and see how we go. We can, of course, spend the next week or two waiting for the conkers to drop from the heavily laden horse chestnut trees close to our home and that will be a way for them to observe the changing of the seasons.

I definitely feel like we need to dial back some of the groups we attend and whilst there are some that will stay (swimming, football) there are others we need to think about. I need to find some more time in our week from somewhere, so I need to have a big re-evaluation over the coming month and see what is and isn’t working for us,

As we start the new school year I’m feeling like we are more organised than last time and I don’t feel quite as anxious as I did this time last year – having got Daniel through his first year and got him through the milestone of reading. I just need to replicate this with Emma this year!

Similar to last year, I got Daniel and Emma to complete an ‘all about me’ sheet. They both still want to do the same job – Postman for Daniel and Fire Officer for Emma which made me smile. I’ll have to check what other answers have remained the same and which have changed when I next get the old files out (we stored last years work up in the loft). We have our new year folders ready and we have already started to add some bits and pieces into them. It’s a system that works for us and it’ a nice way to see their progress too. Spanish and our Sassafras work have their own books and folders and when we start Story of the World that too will have it’s own book/folder.

So, not back to school 2018 has arrived! How did you mark the day?


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