Learning about Bees

Learning about Bees

For some time now, Mr D has been asking me if they could learn about bees. I’m not sure where the fascination with bees has come from, but keen to follow his interests we did some bee based work a few weeks ago (I’m just very slow getting this post up!).

We have talked about bees as we have spotted them on our walks and we have read some books. My favourite bees book is the glorious Bee Nature’s tiny miracle from Little Tiger Press. This book is stunning. It really is one of  those books that makes you want to stroke the pages (just me…?) and the illustrations are beautiful.

Bee book

The story follows the little bee as he gathers the nectar from the flowers and helps the reader to understand just how vital the little bee is to nature. The book captures nature in all its glorious form and is a real triumph in that it is a non fiction book that truly captures the imagination of the reader as you’re swept along the bee’s journey.

Bee book

We read the book and decided to make out own flower gardens for the bees to visit. We did this using some flowers from Baker Ross and scrunched up tissue paper. The children loved doing this, although Mr D went for a minimal effect. We then added some bees by using yellow paint and finger printing on the paper.


Once these had dried I add the black with a felt pen – it looks quite effective I think and the children love their bee gardens – they are proudly displayed on the notice board at home.


We have talked about bee’s a lot – we had a bee’s nest in our bay window and this prompted lots of interest from the children and some confusion as to where they were going to find some flowers (there are lots of trees at the front of or house but few flowers).

Next up I plan to make a hive with them – but think that might have to wait until I have a bit of time to think about how best to do it!






  1. Pat
    28th July 2016 / 09:09

    That’s lovely. Love the book.

  2. 29th July 2016 / 11:20

    Such a sweet craft. I could have done with that book a couple of months back!

  3. 1st August 2016 / 13:06

    Love the bee pictures they’ve created! It’s great to find a book which is as entertaining as fiction, but has some really important messages about nature in it.

  4. 1st August 2016 / 18:58

    I haven’t got my hands on a copy of this beautiful book yet but I definitely know what you mean, I want to stroke it too!
    Love your flower and bee pictures too, what a lovely activity 🙂

  5. 1st August 2016 / 19:00

    Your children’s artwork is fantastic!

    Bee is an absolutely gorgeous book and Story Snug was very excited to be part of Britta’s Bee blog tour. Britta wrote a wonderful post about the inspiration for her flower drawings in the book.


  6. 1st August 2016 / 21:20

    Love your little one’s artwork 🙂 I have been eyeing up this one for ages and finally got my copy yesterday and we immediately included it in our #366booksin366days reading challenge. It was too beautiful to wait! #readwithme

  7. 2nd August 2016 / 21:42

    I love how you’ve built up activities using this book. Will pass it on to my daughter who is starting to homeschool. Thanks for sharing.

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