Pre Children I was quite into crafting and creating various bits and pieces. Even after Daniel was born I did keep up the crafting, but with the arrival of Emma finding time to sit and concentrate on any sort of crafty endeavours has been difficult. Before Emma was born I managed to knit her a little hat which I was very proud of. I

Emma’s newborn hat

Now hearing about my (not so) amazing knitting skills I was approached not long ago about taking part in a charity knitting project. Knitting, crafting and the such has been shown to help patients with dementia and to even delay memory loss.

I decided to take part in the project as a bit of an excuse for having a bit of crafting time. I am not the best knitter in the world, but I am OK. I have been knitting a very basic scarf pattern. Sadly I am also very slow so there is still some way to go yet until it is finished!

Being involved in this project has also inspired me to do some other crafty bits. I finished the bunting for Emma’s birthday, made Emma a little dress and started a cross stitch for her room (I hope to have this finished soon). The #knitforwinter project has been great for carving at that little bit of me time.

It is staggering that a recent Age UK report stated than an average of 25,000 “excess winter deaths” occur each year during the winter months (December- March). And One elderly person dies needlessly every 7 minutes from the cold. That equals around 206 deaths each day which could be prevented.

I find that stat baffling. This is modern day UK. The #knitforwinter project that myself and some other bloggers have been taking part in will see items such as knitted hats and scarves be donated to charities to be sold to raise funds to help the elderly.

Whilst it may almost be springtime, it was snowing here in Manchester today and it isn’t too late to join in with #KnitForWinter and donate a knitted garment.  Sunrise Senior Living hope that even more knitters will join in and perhaps get a head start for the next winter.

I can knit a very basic stitch. My mum is much better than I am and may have been helping me… well she cast the stitches on and has been adding a few rows here and there when she pops round. I’m quite a slow knitter but between the two of us we will get it finished. I have found it quite relaxing and I hope to venture onto something else when it is finished.

If you want to follow my progress then do follow me on instagram where I will be posting my updates.


knit for winter



  1. 3rd March 2015 / 15:36

    I remember you knitting that hat for Emma! Love the colour still.

  2. Pat
    6th March 2015 / 04:31

    That hat was lovely. The scarf if coming along nicely. Its for a really good cause.

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