Harry and the Robots Activities

Harry and the Robots Activities

As mentioned in a previous post, Mr D and Miss E are really into dinosaurs thanks to the Harry and the Dinosaurs books. They have almost the full collection of these books now, (I think we are missing one or two) and one of their favourite ones is Harry and the Robots.

harry and the robots activities for pre schoolers

In the story Harry makes ‘junk robots’ so I thought it would be a good activity for the children to do as well and a nice way to pass a morning. Mr D has been really under the weather so I wasn’t sure how much he’d engage with this activity, but he loved it.

harry and the robots activities for pre schoolers

I saved a couple of cardboard boxes for them and set up some trays with various items for them to use to decorate the boxes with. We had paper squares, feathers, pipe cleaners, eyes, bottle tops, tissue paper etc. Using pritt stick glues and glue dots they set about decorating their robots up.

harry and the robots activities for pre schoolers

Miss E lasted about 20 minutes doing this before she got bored and took herself off to read. Mr D however spent a good while decorating his and putting it all together. He asked me to help glue the eyes on to the robot but everything else he did himself. He was really pleased with it when it was finished and it has pride of place in his bedroom now.

harry and the robots activities for pre schoolers

We also had some clay robots to make. These were from a set I picked up at The Range for a bargain price of £1.50. I wasn’t too sure how good they’d be but I was really impressed and I’ll be picking up some more when I next go to the Range – I think there were a few different themes including bugs and robots and it was a nice simple activity to do with the children. Mr D and I made the mix up and poured it into the casts. We left them to dry overnight ready for painting the next day.

There are six robots in the pack so they each took it in turns to choose the robots they wanted to paint. They then set about painting. Mr D asked me to help paint on the detail of the mouth and eyes but otherwise they did these themselves. They dried pretty quickly and they’ve enjoyed these a lot – well worth the £1.50

harry and the robots



  1. 8th June 2016 / 11:58

    I have never really read these books! Which is probably verging on impossible seeing as I was a nursery nurse and preschool teacher for almost 12 years!!!!! Some great activity ideas, thanks for sharing on #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

    • 8th June 2016 / 14:20

      you have done well avoiding them! I have to say they are growing on me and the children adore them, so anything that engages and encourages the children is fine by me x

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