Ice Dinosaurs

Ice Dinosaurs

Mr D and Miss E have developed a fascination with all things dinosaurs in recent weeks. Thanks in no part to the awful Harry and the Dinosaurs books. The children LOVE these books and after sharing a couple of post on instagram and facebook it seems they’re a bit of a marmite set of books for parents too. BUT the children love them and Mr D in particular has learnt a lot from them.

We already had a few dinosaur figures – picked up from charity shops and the such but I wanted some more to do some counting work with the children – Miss E is at the stage of wanting to count – she will point out things and say ‘one, two, nine, ten’ or ask me to count for her. Mr D is able to count well now up to ten – we have got past that mental block with the number five, and is interested in learning about double digits. So, I picked up a tub of small dinosaurs in a local shop for about £3. As the weather was particularly warm last week I wanted to do some outdoor messy play with the children so decided to freeze the dinosaurs in water. Whilst I was looking for some food colouring I found some jelly so popped some into jelly too.

Ice dinosaurs

One afternoon I got the dinosaurs out into a large (empty) sandpit and set the children up with a couple of things like tweezers and spoons. We would have used the tuff spot but it was already in use inside the house for the three pigs house building that we had been working on. The children had loads of fun with this, talking about what parts of the dino’s they could see in the ice and how the jelly felt etc.

this ice dinosaur activity is perfect for introducing early science ideas to pre schoolers

They played with this for a good while and it was of course a great opportunity to talk about texture with Miss E, as well as introducing some science concepts to Mr D about how and why ice melts. After a while I brought out a small tub of warm water and cloths for the children to clean the dinosaurs with. They had fun doing this and set them on the decking to dry.

We also added the blocks of frozen ice into the warm water to see it melt quicker to release the trapped dinosaurs.

ice dinosaurs - great sensory play

This was a nice activity to do with the children, and I have some more dinosaurs in the freezer ready for the next day we have some good weather as I want to explore the science element more with them.

I always find it fascinating how motivated the children are by a topic that interests them – Dinosaurs is THE topic of the moment for us and we have done some brilliant activities so far using dinosaurs as our theme – I’ll be sharing more of these soon.


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