Wild Flower Spring Picture

Wild Flower Spring Picture

Last year I did a bit of stuff with the older two about bees and their importance and the need for wild flowers to help attract them. I don’t want the children to be fearful of bugs and the such and I want them to understand the importance of the creatures and the nature that we interact with, so today we made a wild flower spring picture.

With the start of spring and the (much) better weather we have been seeing more and more bees and the children have remembered that bees and flowers are needed for pollination. They have both been quite keen to tell me about the seeds we are planting and how they will grow into lovely flowers for the bees to fly to.

We have had a really busy week so this morning I set up a large piece of paper across our table and got a few bits and piece out for them to create a wild flower spring picture.

wild flower spring picture

This occupied them for a decent amount of time, even when my parents popped round they still carried on with their creation.

Once they had finished adding in their flowers we added some fingerprint bees and ladybirds using paint. Once these had dried I used a black pen to draw the bees’ stripes on and the ladybird’s spots.

Mr D created a pond on his side of the paper and talked about how the flowers would reflect into the water (there was a lovely discussion here about this).

To create your own wild flower spring picture you will need: (affiliate links included below)

We started by cutting the green paper into strips and laying them out to make stems for the flowers. The children then glued these in place, Miss E found it a bit fiddly so I helped with her side of the paper to do this. They then put a splodge of glue at the end of the stems to add the fairy cake cases.

wild flower spring picture

wild flower spring picture

Once they were happy they had enough wild flowers we added another splodge of glue in the centre of the case to add the pom pom – the children chose sparkly pom poms for this bit. Then the best bit was adding the fingerprint ladybirds and bees – and once they had dried I added in the detail.

wild flower spring picture

I think we will revisit this again for the autumn and make a tree picture as this created such a lovely end result. I think that this would be a lovely group activity to do with a larger group of children to create something together. You could also add in some spring animals like sheep (using cotton wool balls) or chicks and rabbits.

create a wild flower spring picture - great group activity and lots of opportunity to learn about the importance of bees. Bee craft



  1. PAT
    8th April 2017 / 21:38

    This is a great idea. They will really into it when we arrived.

  2. 9th April 2017 / 20:50

    What a cute idea! Sounds like the kids really enjoyed this

  3. Puline
    10th April 2017 / 13:01

    That’s lovely. I have some seeds if you would like the, x

  4. 10th April 2017 / 23:06

    This is a cool idea. I’ve got so many left over cake cases to use up x

  5. ChelseaMamma
    12th April 2017 / 16:05

    We have been making these with the kids at pre-school 🙂

  6. 14th April 2017 / 10:09

    This is so cute, I love doing arts and crafts with my nieces and nephews

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