Toby Carvery Chef School

Toby Carvery Chef School

Last week saw our first Home Ed event of 2018 – the Toby Carvery Chef school. This was kindly organised by another Home Ed parent and we managed to get a spot on the day. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but I was really pleasantly surprised with how the day went.

We arrived at the local Toby Carvery and were taken to a seated area where there was plenty of paper and crayons laid out for the children. As we waited for the other families to arrive the older two did some drawing and used the activity sheets and Mr H made sure he found all the good climbing spots – 18 months is a tiring age!

Once everyone had arrived the lady facilitating the day introduced herself and set up the first activity. Each table had a bag, and inside the bag there were a number of fruit and vegetables. The children were invited to put their hand in the bag and feel the fruits and vegetables, then to draw them and/or write down what they thought they were. Mr D did really well with this and I was impressed that he was able to spell a couple of the items too. This was good fun and I think it might be an activity to try with them again at some stage.


After this, the lady ran through some interesting facts about the volume of food that Toby Carvery serves in a year – some very large numbers! Next up was a game where the children were told some statements and they had to stand if it was true, and sit if it was false. The statements got gradually harder and even some of the parents were a bit stumped with some of them (me included!).

After a short break for drinks (all kindly provided by Toby Carvery), we moved onto the next activity –  this was really fun and quite challenging. The children had to write the letters A-Z onto the paper and then for each letter come up with a fruit or vegetable starting with that letter.

This was a great activity and it was great to see that Miss E was able to think of plenty of things beginning with the various letters and Mr D was getting better with his spelling too. We managed to think of plenty of different fruit and vegetables (although admittedly did opt for the American version of some such as ‘eggplant’). It was great to see just how many different fruit and veg all the children in the group managed to get!

After this, it was time to sample the carvery itself. I must admit I don’t think I have ever been to a Toby Carvery and I was really impressed. The children had sausages (which looked to be thick butcher style sausages) and some veg and I just had the veg option – the garlic and parsley mash potato being very tasty and something I really should try at home as it was delicious.

We had a great day at the Chef School and it prompted some discussion and activity the following day. As luck would have it when I was looking for something else I found some things I had printed off last year.

I had some bits from Twinkl that talked about the source of food, so tomato makes tomato sauce, bacon comes from pigs, apples grow on trees etc. This was a simple matching activity that I was pleased both the oldest two managed to do with ease – but it did prompt some more conversation about other fruits/veg that grow on trees/bushes and those that grow underground. I’m not convinced that either of them has quite worked out that the pig they see in the field is the pig that ends up on a plate. Neither of them eats a huge amount of meat, in fact, Daniel doesn’t eat it full stop except for sausages, so I am sure they’ll make the connection eventually.

twinkl pencil control page

We then did some more pencil control activities, Miss E is getting really good with these and she really did enjoy doing these and seeing how closely she is able to follow the lines.


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  1. Pat
    9th January 2018 / 21:07

    I thought it was really well done. Such a good idea.

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