Five Great Christmas Gifts Ideas for Grandparents

Five Great Christmas Gifts Ideas for Grandparents

Now that Mr D’s birthday if out of the way, thoughts here turn to a couple more birthdays and of course Christmas.

It’s really hard trying to think of original ideas sometimes, and my parents are so difficult to buy for. I thought I’d, therefore, share some of my top Christmas gift ideas for Grandparents.

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Book a Family Activity Day

This is something I think will be looking to do when the children are just a touch older – and it’s something I think can work really well with larger families where there are lots of grandchildren! Booking a family activity day is the perfect excuse to get all the family together and to make some memories. It could be something as simple as all meeting somewhere for an autumnal/winter walk – if everyone takes a bit of picnic food it can make for a really nice day out. The children get to play together and the family gets to spend time together. There’s also the option of heading out to one of the many Christmas markets that pop up around Christmas time. We are lucky that there’s so much going on where we live that it’s pretty easy to find somewhere to head to. Or, if you’re a bit more adventurous why not head to a Go Ape style place?

Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts are a great idea – it can be something like a home made snowglobe, a decorated photo frame or a salt dough decoration. We have made a few bits and pieces in the past, and the children really do enjoy gifting their handiwork. We might have a go at some bath bombs this year and maybe some Christmas biscuits.

A personalised gift

A personalised gift always has a bit of WOW factor, and have a fab selection to choose from. I have been taking a look at a fabulous Personalised Port gift with this engraved Port with cheese knives gift set and this will make a wonderful gift for Christmas. My parents (and I!) love a good tipple of Port and it is the perfect Christmas drink, so a personalised bottle is a nice touch at Christmas time. It’s a tradition of ours to open a good bottle of Port at Christmas, and it’s usually the only drink I have on Christmas day as I am generally the driver so a small glass of Port after dinner is the only drink I have.

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The engraved Port and cheese knives gift set is presented in a beautiful blue leather style presentation box and comes with four cheese knives, which fit into the ‘door’ of the presentation box. The bottle of Port itself is able to be personalised with an engraved message of your choice. I kept our message simple, but whatever you can think of can be done! The Port itself is a bottle of Ruby Port (always a winner) but it is possible to change this to a bottle of Late Bottled Vintage for a little extra, should you wish to.

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If Port isn’t your thing then Giftsonline4u have lots of other personalised options to purchase, including a range of engraved glasses, personalised wine, clocks, hipflasks, cheese boards and all sorts of other things. There really is an awful lot of choice. The website is easy to use and it’s pretty simple to add the message you want to be engraved, with it showing you line by line the wording you’ve chosen. The shipping was prompt and the gift was very well packaged; it’s always a worry when you order something like this that it might get damaged en route! However, the bottle itself it well wrapped separately from the presentation box, which is also very well wrapped.

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Book a family photo shoot

This is another good option, especially if there are lots of grandchildren in the family; booking a family photo shoot is a good way to get some professional photographs of everyone as well as having a bit of fun! If you’ve got a budding you tuber on your hands then you could also have a go at putting together a family Christmas video. Our niece did this for Damian’s mums big birthday a few months back and it was well received and very good. It could certainly be a nice fun family project.

Make a Calendar

Another thing we have done for my own grandparents in the past is to make a calendar with pictures of the family on. I’ve used photobox in the past to do this and it’s always been well received. Many sites that offer this service allow you to add birthdays etc onto the relevant dates. This is a reasonably time-consuming exercise making up the calendar as choosing the pictures takes a while (for me at least!) BUT it is a gift that quite literally lasts all year and is one that is a nice one to gift.


So, that’s my five great Christmas gift ideas for Grandparents, what are your top suggestion?

I was sent a a port and cheese knife gift set from for the purpose of this post.


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