Finding her curve

Finding her curve

I posted yesterday that today I was to take Emma to be weighed.

Well, I am thrilled to say that she has finally put in a ‘normal’ weight gain! She is just 20g off the normal weight gain of 20g per day so I am over the moon. I mentioned yesterday that I believed that she may jsut be finding her natural place on the centile line, and I am hoping that the coming weeks prove this.

At birth, Emma sat on the 25th line, but soon dropped to just below the bottom line, which is exactly the line Daniel sat on initially before moving up slightly.

Emma's weight gain since birth
Emma’s weight gain since birth


I am still to take her each week for weighing, and I will do this for the next two weeks to make sure she continues to gain as she has done but then will revert to monthly checks, as per the guidance.


In the meantime, we will continue as we have and hope that she continues to sit on that bottom centile line.


She is till jsut below her birth weight (bu 20g) but she will be there soon, and in the meantime she is happy, alert and healthy.


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