Our February Reads So Far

Our February Reads So Far

One of my aims for 2018 was to increase the number of books I was reading. I’ve always read, but last year I seemed to acquire plenty of books but not read so many of them. This year I have read five books so far and have almost finished number six, so am doing well at keeping this commitment to myself.

I finished Gone Girl and have to say I wasn’t terribly impressed with it. I found it all a bit over the top and didn’t like any of the characters in it at all. I know others have loved this book but it just wasn’t for me. A book I enjoyed much more was 31 Dream Street and a fun book called The Hotel on Mulberry Bay. Both of the last two books were easy reads and actually quite enjoyable. I don’t ever pretend to read high brow literature – anything that’s fun and enjoyable suits me at the moment! I am currently reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter by Cherry Radford and I’m really enjoying this. I hope to have this finished by the weekend,

As for the children, they’ve been enjoying a wide range of books this last couple of weeks. We have been taking a look at some books that fit the notable days this month, namely Valentines and Chinese New Year.

The Great Race (The Story of the Chinese Zodiac) is a lovely book and one that we will bring out for many years to come I am sure. This tells the folktale about the Chinese Zodiac and it’s a fun and vibrant book, which really set us up for a lovely afternoon of Chinese New Year crafts at a friend’s house last week.

We also enjoyed I Love You which is a fab book which tells you how to say I Love You in five different languages. We also loved the companion book to this, 1-5 and the children are now adding Mandarin to their language skills and D now greets you with the phrase ‘Ni Hao’. These are both wonderful introductions to language and I can see us looking to learn a few more Mandarin phrases in due course as it’s really captured D’s imagination.

We have also been enjoying some lovely picture books, namely:

All four of these books have been enjoyed by us all, and have been read time and time again. All at Sea is illustrated by Faye Hanson and I really adore her work; she uses a muted colour palette and it really works and looks so wonderful. The children adore this book and I do too.

Baby Bird and Cat & Dog are lovely stories of friendship and acceptance and they’re both lovely stories to share together.

What have you been reading? Are there any books you recommend I add to my own reading pile?


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