Crafting for Daddy

Crafting for Daddy

A week or two ago we marked Damian’s birthday. Being a fan of handmade cards I asked Daniel what he would like to put on Daddy’s card. I had strategically (ie under his nose) placed some stickers from Baker Ross. Daniel adores sticking so I figured he would jump at this and we would, quite quickly, had a lovely handmade card with minimal input from me.


Instead, Daniel declared that he would like to put ‘daddy monkey’ on the card. Daddy monkey is one of his favourite soft toys. I decided we would do a hand print monkey. It was a partial success (and despite my mum and brother thinking it is a giraffe(!?!) it most definitely is a Monkey. And Daddy Monkey at that.

I then suggested that Emma might want to use the stickers. No, Daniel declared she wanted Lion on her card. Of course Lion is her favourite soft toy. Happily my  Emma’s handprint Lion does resemble a Lion.

handprint cards

We also had some cards from Baker Ross that I thought we could paint. Mistake. A toddler with card and paint = a card that is simply not going to dry in time to give to Daddy for his birthday (I’m hopeful it will be dry for Father’s day!).

baker Ross cards

Finally, to complete the gifts we painted a wooden car. Now, in my mind we were going to fill this with pens and some post it notes and Daddy could have it on his desk at work. I mean who doesn’t want a tastefully painted car on their desk at work?

baker Ross car

I was trying to be discrete and work out Damian’s favourite type of pen to use (yes I know how incredibly dull that makes us sound but I thought I’d buy him a good pen to put in the pen tidy and, actually, we probably are quite dull!) Damian then dropped the bombshell that he only had his laptop and headset on his desk at work. I find this incredibly difficult to believe given the sheer amount of crap stuff he gathers in our home. So, slight change of plan and we filled it with Haribo instead. Much to Daniel’s delight.

Baker Ross Car Desk tidy

The benefit of having Damian’s birthday a month before Father’s Day means that we have plenty of time to ‘practice’ our arty creations. Damian has a few gems to look forward to for Father’s Day, including a bookmark and a photo frame – we can’t wait to get started!

Baker Ross Fathers Day Kits

What gems have your kids made up? If you’re struggling for inspiration I can recommend the kits mentioned here. They are such good quality kits and well priced too. Perfect.


As a member of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network I was sent the above items to review. All words and opinions are my own.



  1. 26th May 2015 / 12:07

    What a fab selection of crafts for Daddy! Hope he had a fab birthday xx

    • 27th May 2015 / 18:08

      thank you 🙂 and yes, he did have a lovely day xx

  2. 26th May 2015 / 12:59

    That’s really funny Sarah. Can’t wait to see the fathers day gifts x

  3. Jane T
    26th May 2015 / 21:41

    No word of a lie, us IT bods use electronic sticky notes instead if post its, I have to ask to borrow a pen when I have to sign something. However, there is always a coffee cup…. maybe an idea for the future Sarah.

    My son’s nursery have some great ideas for hand print cards and it’s such a simple yet effective design. Maybe the daddy monkey card just needed another hand print with fingers at the top to act as a head! Still a great effort from all of you!

    And no matter what you want them to draw or paint they have their own idea, for Daddy’s birthday in May we did a snowman! No idea why a snowman but I went along with it.

    • 27th May 2015 / 18:08

      I know he uses that electronic thing as when he uses my profile on the laptop they are dotted all over. They drive me mad!.
      Love the Snowman… in May! Genius! It’s nice through that they are choosing what they want to put on the card 🙂

  4. 27th May 2015 / 10:19

    Awww I love a handprint card, so sweet ♡

    • 27th May 2015 / 18:06

      we do too – it was nice for Daniel to say what he wanted to do for a change, rather than me decide x

  5. 28th May 2015 / 18:51

    Love the cards! Might need to do these for father’s day

    • 28th May 2015 / 20:07

      thank you – it’s harder when they start telling you what they want on the card! I am used to letting them loose with stickers and pens!!

  6. 3rd June 2015 / 10:54

    Oh they are great, I love the handprint card and I think it does look like a monkey! Painting and crafting for fathers day is such a lovely thing to do.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids

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