Eddie’s Tent (& how to go camping) – Sarah Garland

Eddie’s Tent (& how to go camping) – Sarah Garland

The team at Frances Lincoln sent me through a book by Sarah Garland a few weeks ago called Eddie’s Tent: and How to Go Camping. The book is, as ever, wonderfully produced and illustrated by the team at Frances Lincoln.

Slightly to my shame, I haven’t heard of the Eddie series before now. This book is the fourth in a series (the others are Eddie’s toolbox, Eddie’s Kitchen and Eddie’s Garden). However I am really impressed with it.

Eddies Tent Sarah Garland

I am a big fan of books that introduce everyday concepts and get children excited. I am dreading Damian reading this review as he is very keen to take the children camping. I’m not. I am quite anti camping (it just isn’t something I understand!) I am sure that when we sit down and read this fully with Daniel (and in time Emma) they will be very very excited to get the tent out and embark on an adventure (maybe that will be the weekend I get a break….at home. Alone?!)

For those who, like me, aren’t aware of the ‘Eddie’ series the story follow the story of Eddie and his family as they decide where to go on holiday. They decide they’re going to go on a camping holiday and we follow them packing up the car and heading off.

The story follows their adventure as they build a campfire, as Eddie makes a tent of his own and as they meet new friends. As Eddie sets up his own tent he looks up which knots to use in his knot book and he soon has his own little tent, looking out over the sea.

There are lots of things in this book that I really like. It gently introduces concepts such as map reading, using a compass and preparing food around a campfire. At the back of the book there are some tips for camping and these will be brilliant for Daniel and Emma when they are packing their own bags to head off camping. This book gently nurtures children’s natural curiosities; giving a little nudge into the great outdoors and encouraging that wonderful and fearless curiosity that children so naturally have.

Eddies Tent book review

The author and illustrator, Sarah Garland has what I think is a quite classic style to her illustrations, and it reminds me a lot of the books that I read as a child. They are beautiful and colourful. I left this out for Daniel a few times and he has loved looking at the pictures and asking me about the dog and the cat he could see. He doesn’t quite understand the concept of camping yet (hurrah! a few more years that I can get out of camping) but I know that, when he, Emma and Damian head off on a camping adventure, this book will be the preparation for them and a book to read whilst they are away.

I will be enjoying the peace at home. Or more likely wishing I was with them on the campsite adventure!

There are lots of ideas gently introduced to the reader in this book and I will be adding the other books in the ‘Eddie’ series to the (ever expanding!) wish list as I can see that they will be a wonderful way to get the children engaged in gardening, making and mending and cooking. A real winner in my eyes and books I hope to get hold of sooner rather than later!

Some other books written and illustrated by Sarah Garland can be found here on the Frances Lincoln Website. I think I might just have found a new favourite author.


I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are, as ever, my own.

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  1. 29th May 2015 / 13:13

    What a lovely sounding book. We love camping but I will admit that the first few times it was suggested I just refused to entertain the idea. Eventually I gave in and went on our first adventure and I will admit I was taken aback about how much I loved it!

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