My Tips for Getting Back in Shape

My Tips for Getting Back in Shape

Pre-children I used to go to the gym on a regular basis. We lived near a fab little gym that ran six-week long boot camps. They were superb and I was super fit and toned whilst I was going there, and most importantly, I was healthy and having fun.

When we moved to our current house there were only the big chain gyms nearby, and I just couldn’t justify the year-long contract or the monthly price. After I had Mr D and Miss E I got back into running and really enjoyed doing that, running with a regular running club once a week as well as going out another 2/3 times a week on my own.

Post Mr H, and finding time to get my fitness back to where I want has been hard. Having three children is demanding on my time, as there is still the general day to day to do, the washing, the ironing, the food shopping etc. I enjoy swimming but finding a pool that was open when I could make it was proving a challenge. So, I decided to join my local Pure Gym. Pure Gym is a fairly low priced gym – my membership is (I think) £18 a month. It’s open 24 hours which really suits me as I have been able to get there for 6 am, or 10 pm – whatever suits me on any given day. There is also a great menu of classes that you can dip in and out of as you see fit.

Having been a member now for a couple of months I thought I’d share my top tips for maximising the time at the gym:

Find a gym that works for you

As I have noted above, Pure Gym really works for me. The opening hours mean that I can fit it in as and when it suits. I can get the children sorted for bed, do some work, sort some activities for the next day and then head to the gym. I feel safe in the gym – there are security cameras across the car parks and it’s all well lit. There’s staff around until 10 pm and everyone in there is pretty friendly.  I feel ‘at home’ in the gym, and there’s a great range of machines and weights to get going with.

Understand what you’re eating and how it impacts your weight

I’m not going to pretend I have the best diet in the world, but you really do need to understand the make up of what you’re eating. I need to increase my protein intake, something I am doing through a mix of diet changes and protein shakes. I also need to curb back my carbohydrates intake too. These are all things that are taking me some time to do, but I am getting there and I hope the next week or so will see me reap the benefits of doing so.  I’ve been enjoying the shakes from Protein World – I’ve currently got the Salted Caramel flavour Slender Blend and it’s amazing. I’m going to look to order Strawberry or Vanilla next when this has run out as it’s tasty and has been great post work out. It’s also packed with protein so it’s a brilliant way to get me closer to my target intake.

Protein powders are also really good for adding into porridge or pancakes to increase the protein intake – that’s on my list of things to do this week too!

protein world slender blend

Invest in good quality gym wear

I have a pair of trainers that are my gym trainers – they are good for running in and my feet are supported well. I can tell the difference when I change to my older, everyday ones. I also have a couple of pairs of gym leggings and tops. The leggings have to be comfortable for when you’re on machines or lifting weights etc. I like the leggings from Pro Skins and Decathlon. I have a couple of pairs that I use and it’s nice to be able to get into the slimmer pair of leggings now!

Look to work with a Personal Trainer

Working out in the gym can be boring – there’s little joy in running on a treadmill for 30 minutes, and I’m not convinced that doing so is hugely effective for weight loss and toning. I had a good month blog wise last month so decided to treat myself to a six week ‘body blitz’ session with a personal trainer. I opted to go with someone who’s classes I’ve been to and I like the way she worked. I’m now halfway through the six weeks and I’m definitely much fitter already and I’m getting stronger with lifting weights – and happily, I am losing inches! The scales themselves aren’t going down a great deal, but I’m now able to wear jeans that were a little tight not long ago and am certainly enjoying the gym more. A personal trainer will push you hard – there’s no hiding, but it is good fun and worth it.

I’m really enjoying the gym at the moment – I’m not sure what I will do when my six-week session is up, but I’ll certainly be continuing on with the gym and the changes to my diet.



This post contains PR Samples of Protein World.


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