Construction Toys for Pre-schoolers

Construction Toys for Pre-schoolers

With the Christmas season coming up talk turns to what the children are getting for Christmas. I wanted to share some of our top buys that have been well used over the last four or so years and first wanted to share my top construction toys as construction type toys are such important items for children as they help develop so many skills, and they are some of the most used toys in our home. (Affiliate links contained)

great list of construction and open ended toys for pre schoolers

Firstly, I wanted to share these Wooden building blocks. Mr D was bought these for his first birthday and they have been used a lot over the past few years in different ways. They have built towers, made walls and used them to create areas to house their cars. We have used them in counting and shape games and they have been much fun.

We have a couple of sets of Mega Bloks that have been used a fair bit, and will be used a lot in the coming months as I look to encourage Miss E’s letter recognition. One of the sets we have came with stickers to add on to them with letters. Again these have been used to build towers and castles as well as chairs for the children’s favourite bears. Lots of fun to be had with these.

I recently shared a full review of Magformers (the review can be read hereThese are great fun and I’ve been amazed at the children’s imagination when playing with these. Miss E in particular loves these and is always presenting various things to me, be it cubes or pyramids to houses and larger towers. She also likes to stack them into colours or shapes as well as bundling them all together to create monsters and robots. They really are fantastic and are my top recommendation for anyone looking for toys for Christmas.

Magformers review best construction toys

My parents have bought Mr D this Viga Wooden Creating Blocks Playset for Christmas. The set contains 250 blocks that can be stacked to construct a range of things and I understand it comes with a booklet of ideas. They look brilliant and I can’t wait to see what the children create.

This Model construction set is very similar to one that Mr D received last year and is something he turns to on a regular basis to make various things with. He loves getting the little screwdriver out and making the various models up. He often needs a little help but it’s great for developing his understanding of how things are put together and developing hand eye coordination.

We have yet to discover lego here so I haven’t added in – I think there is a little time before the children really get to grips with lego. Are there any other things we should be looking at to add to our range of construction toys?






  1. Pat Burns
    12th November 2016 / 07:48

    They are all well used. Especially when Daniel is making a town. They have wonderful imaginations.

    • 12th November 2016 / 12:21

      aww fab – there is something very classic isn’t there about basic building blocks> x

  2. 13th November 2016 / 14:20

    My children both loved wooden blocks when they were little. I really like the look of the magformers!

  3. 20th November 2016 / 14:00

    I have heard only good things about the Magformers.

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