A Cleaning Day

A Cleaning Day

Last weekend I had a bit of a guilty mum day. Both the children were a bit under the weather with heavy colds and the less than impressive weather meant that our planned trip for some fresh air was scuppered. I didn’t have the energy to deal with the inevitable grumps from Daniel about going out in the wind and cold weather when he wasn’t feeling great and as I was starting to feel a bit ropey myself I opted for the lazy mum option instead.

Damian was at work so after some reading, jigsaw making and other bits and pieces we had some lunch and Emma had a nap. Daniel was really sleepy, but refusing to nap so I decided to let him watch a bit of TV whilst tucked up on the sofa with his bears. Cue another guilty mum moment. Whilst he was watching the TV I thought I’d get on with the boring jobs of giving the upstairs of the house a big clean. I had cleaned Emma’s room earlier that morning so moved onto our and then the bathroom.

The bathroom is the one room that is filthy within hours of it being cleaned! I have to admit that usually that bathroom cleaning job is left to Damian. However, it needed doing so I picked up the Zoflora I had been sent a week or so earlier and thought I’d give it a whirl. I’ve never used Zoflora before so had a quick look at the instructions (and realised I couldn’t use on the bedroom floor) and used it in the bathroom. I was sent the lavender scented one which wouldn’t be the usual choice for me as I found lavender can be a bit over powering but it wasn’t too bad.

zoflora The bath came up sparkling – the cleanest I have seen it in a long long time and that really is no exaggeration. Our bath is usually full of paw prints from the cats who are escaping Emma, or just general dirt from daily baths for both Emma and Daniel. I was super impressed I have to say and will be buying Zoflora again when the current bottle runs out.

Our bathroom was the first room we did anything on when we moved in – there was a carpet on the floor that run up the side of the bath (!) and the carpet was filthy. I’ve personally never understood the appeal of carpets in bathrooms, but each to their own I guess. We removed the carpet the weekend we moved in and replaced with lino. Not perfect but does the job and is easy to clean with Daniel and Emma.

We had planned to do our bathroom up soon after moving in with a new bath suite and shower unit, but then I was expecting Daniel and it didn’t seem sensible to embark on a huge bathroom project at the same time as rewiring the house, plastering all three bedrooms and adding new skirting boards and flooring! UK Bathrooms did a set of research recently about bathroom turn off for buying/renting houses – the carpet issue is definitely a turn off for me!

We might do a few bits in the bathroom this year to brighten it up and make it more to our taste and style, but for now I’ll keep using the Zoflora and keep it sparkly clean.

Once Emma woke we had some more playtime and then some dinner. They then had the usual bedtime baths and were tucked up in bed for early nights. I felt like we hadn’t really done much, but I had at least got the majority of the house clean which meant that Sunday was a much better day for us all.

Do you ever have days when you feel a bit guilty for not doing what you think you should be with your children?





  1. 24th February 2015 / 08:09

    I am Forever cleaning when Elliott naps! Hope you are all feeling better soon! So many bugs going about just now! Suz xo

  2. 24th February 2015 / 09:26

    More often than not to be honest! There’s always cleaning or jobs to be done and I never seem to spend enough quality time with my children. I go back to work from maternity leave in a couple of month too so the guilt is going to be even worse!

  3. Pauline x
    25th February 2015 / 00:16

    Sarah, is this Zoflora disinfectant or is it a new cleaning product?

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