Christmas Party Accessories

Christmas Party Accessories

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It’s strange the things that you miss when you’re no longer in the world of work. I used to work in Manchester city centre, and this time of year was all about the office party – where would we go, and how many nights out could we arrange.

There’d be the office wide one, which was usually a trip to the closest bar on a Friday afternoon. There were the individual team ones, and then, of course, ones with friends from other teams.

I’ve never been a big drinker, and if truth be told I didn’t go on too many Christmas parties as they usually clashed with my birthday. But now, as I see people posting up their party pictures it does make me miss it a little.

Last year, some of us mums went to a local Italian for a bite to eat which was a nice and informal way of marking the Christmas period. This year I don’t have anything planned in with friends but do have a few family things planned so I need to sort out my outfits. One of our family outings is to the Halle Orchestra which I am really excited about and I plan to get my glad rags on and really enjoy the evening. We will also probably take the children to see some of the decorations in the city and perhaps stop for a mulled wine or two at the markets.

I’ve kept it simple this year outfit wise and have bought a couple of skirts that I will be able to dress up accordingly. One is a red check skirt and the other is a black and silver sparkly skirt. I have some nice jumpers and tops that will go with these and I plan to wear them with some boots (Uppersole have some fab ones available at great prices). Boots are a bit of a staple for me in the winter months as I tend to wear them on a daily basis.

I’ve also got some scarves that I use to dress the outfits up a little; Damian bought me a lovely sparkly deep pink one the year before last and it’s perfect for Christmas as it adds the right amount of sparkle to my outfit as well as keeping me warm. I always get coughs and sore throats in the winter, so I like to try and keep myself wrapped up and some of my dressier coats are a bit more open at the neck, so my scarves are a bit of a common feature in the winter too. Damian tells me I have too many and that I really don’t need anymore – but really – I do like to see a rainbow of colours to choose from to add a splash of colour to my outfits.


We also plan to take in the outdoor markets over Christmas, either the monthly food festival one local to us or the Manchester markets, and I like to have a good-sized bag with me to keep my phone and various other bits and pieces in. Mia Tui have some gorgeous bags and they’re the perfect size for keeping all the essentials in whilst you are out and about.

What do you think are the key Christmas Party accessories?


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