Children’s Book Round Up

Children’s Book Round Up

We have, as ever, been reading lots and lots of books! The children have been fortunate enough to have been sent some real beauties in recent weeks and I have been busy sharing them across instagram and twitter. It never fails to amaze me the variety of books that grab their attention. I sometimes get sent books that I think they’re going to have very little interest in, only to find it becomes a firm favourite.

As I mentioned in a recent post, Mr D has had Scarlet Fever so we have had a week or so now of him being a bit less energetic than normal, so having new books has been a life line for us to share and distract him from his general unwellness.

I thought I’d share some of our recent reads and favourite books.

ABC Abrams & ChronicleABC Word Play by Fany Perret has been a particular favourite with Miss E. It’s a lovely sturdy hands on book – the alphabet is spread out across the book in the form of pop out letters.

It’s very colourful and the children enjoy popping the pieces out and putting them back in again, with Mr D telling me each letter and a word associated with it. It’s stood up really well to their play which I’m really impressed with.

I also like that it has some simple words for each letter and, whilst it’s a little advanced for Mr D and Miss E at the moment, it’s something we will look at together in the future I am sure.

Construction Sites: Magnetology is a brilliant book. This book is one that will appeal to all children – there really is something quite magical about diggers and trucks. There has been a house built on our road over the past year and a large development that we pass regularly close by so the children are endlessly fascinated by the buildings and structures, and of course the big machines! This book is fab – it talks through the various elements of construction and has 45 magnets that the children can use to decorate and finish the pictures.

Construction Site Magnetology

This is well made although we did put the magnets in a separate heavy duty bag as the storage area part of the book wasn’t ideal for Miss E who was struggling to open it up. Both the children have spent ages pouring over this book and making the various building sites come to life. There’s a lot of other stuff you can do with this book and I think it’s one that will form the basis of our learning about buildings later in the year.

Mr D has been really enjoying a book called Hiccups! by Holly Sterling. This is one of those books that, if I’m honest, went to the bottom of the reading pile when it arrived. I didn’t think they’d engage too much with it, but Mr D worked his way to the bottom of the pile quickly and as we read it I was pleasantly surprised by it. It’s a lovely book to read with young children, it’s lovely and energetic and there are lots of opportunity for lots of movement by young children as they mimic the actions of Ruby as she tries to rid her dog, Oscar, of hiccups.

hiccups holly sterling

Mr D had me reading this three times in a row until I convinced he we might be better looking at another book. It’s been a regular in our reading pile and I’ve spotted him leafing through the book and ‘reading’ to himself a few times too.

Finally, we have been enjoying a lovely little book called Ralf. This is a lovely book with bright and bold illustrations. It remind me a little of a Mog the cat story – Ralf is a long dog who find his rather long body gets him in trouble. However, Ralf saves the day and it’s all thanks to this long, stretchy body. Both the children loved this and giggled away as Ralf stretched and stretched and stretched. I love the illustrations in this book – they’re really simple but wonderfully effective.

We have really enjoyed these additions to our little library at home and it’s lovely to have such a wide mix of books to all enjoy together.






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