Campbell Books for Early Years

Campbell Books for Early Years

A week or two ago I was sent some books from Campbell and they were perfect for our three. We were sent a selection of books as follows:

The Noisy Tube book has been well received by all three children. Mr D and Miss E love all things train related and have had me showing them videos of the tube on YouTube. I’ve made a short video here on Instagram showing the book in more detail. Mr H loves this and I love it as it’s one I can ask the older two to read to him when I have some jobs to do, or simply just want to drink a cup of tea in peace!

the london noisy tube book

Mr H’s absolute favourites have to be the bumpy books. I love these as there are so many ways we can use them. Initially they’re just great for getting Mr H interested in books. They’re lovely and sturdy (and withstand his chewing!. Also, they’re brilliant for using with the older two to extend their use of descriptive language as they tell me how the different things feel and the patterns are. There is a short IG video here of these books.

campbell baby books

Miss E is particulalry into the search and find style books so the search and find vehicles book is a real hit with her. We have spent a lot of time looking through this book. As well as the various vehicles to find, there are lots of other things to chat about and find within the pages. Again, there is a short video here.

campbell baby books


I really like these Campbell books and will be keeping an eye out for other search and find books in the series.






  1. 20th February 2017 / 06:54

    My kids always loved books where there were buttons to press! These look perfect for little ones. Thanks for sharing with #ReadWIthMe

  2. 20th February 2017 / 09:04

    I love the picture in the vehicles book – so much to see! I think the book about the tube sounds interesting. It’s quite fascinating to kids who don’t live in London to learn about it.

  3. 20th February 2017 / 12:12

    I’ve just had a browse at Campbell Books. They have some great looking books, really appealing to babies and toddlers 🙂

  4. 21st February 2017 / 16:41

    I love the look of that tree and those leaves look to be lovely and raised. #ReadWithMe

  5. 21st February 2017 / 21:18

    These books look lovely for little ones. Nice and colourful. Even from the photo, I can see how good the bumpy surface is for the leaves. And good to hear they passed the chew test. I remember my son had a buggy book that by the end was more chewed than not #readwithme

  6. 23rd February 2017 / 19:13

    These books look great for little ones. I think it’s so important that little kids have books with interesting pictures and sounds so that reading becomes something they enjoy rather than dread when they grow up.

  7. 24th February 2017 / 20:03

    These look gorgeous, Campbell Books make some beautiful books. They’d be perfect presents for a new baby. #readwithme

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