Bathtime toys

Bathtime toys

Bathtime is a really key part of day for us, it signals the start of bedtime for Daniel and Emma and is probably one of the happiest times in our day. Generally all four of us are together and it’s quite relaxed.nI thought I’d share our favourite bathtime toys in this post.

Stacking cups – these are great as they both enjoy pouring the water into the bath and trying to catch the bubbles with them. They’re also used for washing hair with, so we always have something to hand!

octopalsAquafun Octopals has been a big hit. This was bought for Daniel by my cousin and he has had lots of fun with it. It’s great as he uses the toys in lots of different ways, sticking the little toys to the side of the bath, squirting water or balancing them on the floating base. It’s also stayed in really good condition unlike some of our other bath toys. The middle bit fascinates both Daniel and Emma as we fill it up and let the water sprinkle over them!



One that has been another winner is the basketball hoop. Daniel loves this and Damian loves it too… it’s taken him a good while to master getting the three balls in but he and Daniel cheer when he manages it and they’ve had loads of fun with it.bath toys

The floatee bath book from NPP is another winner. Emma likes looking at the pictures in this and having a book that can be read in the bath is of course a great novelty – lots of fun to be had. It had a base which you blow up and the book sits inside and floats along. A great idea and the first words one we have is a great way to encourage those early first words.

Finally, the water wheel that Emma was bought at Christmas was gone down really well. It comes with two cups that you use to pour water in and the water then trickles down the wheels. Both Daniel and Emma were fascinated with this when we first put it up, and after a short while they have both mastered how to pour the water into it.  I was pretty impressed how quickly Emma worked it out.

So, those are our favourite bath toys – which are yours?




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