A new venture….

A new venture….

Back before Daniel was born and after I had finished work, I made him a small blanket that would cover him in his car seat.

Daniel’s taggie blankets

I took the blanket to groups and other mums asked me if I could make a blanket for them.

I had also made him a bib using some batman fabric I had found and again, mums asked if I could make for them.

Emma’s blanket

I didn’t really think much of it until I was asked if I would have a stall at a charity event for Millies trust. I made up some stock and it sold really well… and from there the Crafty Octopus was born.

I began to attend various craft fairs to sell my hand made blankets and bibs and was doing really well.

When I became pregnant with Emma I found it too tiring to commit to making the amount of stock I needed, look after Daniel and look after myself, so The Crafty Octopus was rested for a short while.

As Emma developed a more settled routine, I found myself with an hour or two when both Daniel and Emma were asleep. The sewing machine was dusted off, and I made Emma her own taggie blanket.

I then heard about a new cafe opening nearby in Marple that was looking for local crafters to sell their goods.

After a meeting with the owner, Karen, I agreed to make up some blankets and bibs for the shop.

Cloudberry Cafe opens on 21 June and after I dropped my items there last week I’m really excited – there’s some fabulous hand made items and the cafe itself looks stunning.

I have spent the past couple of weeks busy making up bibs, blankets, business cards and packaging it all up…

I’m pleased with how my things looks and look forward to visiting the cafe soon

Some of the items on offer
Cloudberry Cafe
To see the items I have available to purchase, please visit my page at www.facebook.com/TheCraftyOctopus

To read more about Cloudberry Cafe please visit their page here


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