2016 Learning Plans

2016 Learning Plans

I’ve been giving some thought to our learning plans for the next few months; whilst Mr D becomes eligible for his 15 hours of ‘free’ early education, we have opted not to send him to a nursery at the moment. We have looked at a couple of topics since September and I have three picked out that we will look at over the coming months:

  • People that help us
  • The Body / All about me
  • The World

I’ve chosen these topics as Mr D has shown interest in the world and knows that we live in Manchester and can more or less point it out on a map (or at least the general area!) and I think it would be good to try and explain some of the wider world to the children.

People that help us is always a good topic to do as we can talk about Doctors, Nurses, Vets etc and I can see some lovely role play activities for this one.

Finally, the Body and All About me will be a revisit of our November topic which didn’t really work out due to illness!

I think we will look at the people who help us during January and over the next few days I plan to set up a few activities on this little topic for the children to work on over the coming weeks.

I am also going to be rethinking some of the groups we do. We currently attend two playgroups but I’m not sure that Mr D is getting as much from one of them anymore, Miss E still enjoys it to an extent but they both much prefer the other group we head to. There is also possibly a new group setting up locally (just waiting to hear more information on that one) so I think we will give that a try and see what we think. We will continue with our Football on a Thursday and our Friday Art group as well as Mr D’s swimming lessons on a Tuesday. I’m keen to have plenty of ‘free’ time in the week too to allow the children to just play as well as hopefully allowing me some rest of I continue to grow our third baby.

So, have you any tried and tested activities for the themes above? I’m going to be busy scouring Twinkl and think I might have a go at creating a lapbook with the children from one of these topics. It’s not something I’ve done before but I think it will appeal to Mr D’s sense of ‘order’ although I know that the children are a little young really for lapbooks at the moment.

We will also continue with general things like counting and number recognition, colours for Miss E as well as some early reading skills and developing pen control. I need to do a bit of research on reading though as I’m not sure of the best approach for this. Any tips much appreciated!

What are your learning plans for 2016 and what other topics can you recommend for exploring with my children?


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