11 / 52

11 / 52

Last week I wrote that I was looking forward to getting back into a routine, which we did. We have pressed on with projects and picked up again on some of the longer term work we do. I think we are all a bit happier for it.

This coming week will see us really continue on with our Spring projects for the speaking and listening group in the not too distant future as well as our literature fair projects which we are a little behind on at the moment.

What I have read

This week has been a bad week for reading for me – I’ve not started any new books and have spent too much time of an evening scrolling through my phone. The BREXIT bills and votes midweek meant I spent much of my time reading the news as it came out and, inevitably, ended up on a click-through to various other sites and, before you know it, much of your evening is gone.

I’ve not chosen my next book now, but do have one or two that I have started and really ought to finish off, so I’ll probably try to do that this week.

Total books read this month: 2

Total audiobooks this month: 1

Total books read this year: 5

Audiobooks listened to: 2

Where we have been

The weather has been appalling this week. I had planned for us to head out for a long walk on Monday, but we ended up needing to stay in for a company to come and look at the ongoing flood issue in our cellar. The heavy rain this week has meant that none of the children have been overly keen to get out and about. Instead, we have been out to the various groups on offer, making the most of those. We have also enjoyed a fantastic St Patrick’s Day event that a friend hosted which was great fun.  I am hopeful that the weather will be drier this coming week so I can coax the children out! To be fair, there has been a phenomenal amount of wind and rain so I can’t blame the children for wanting to stay indoors.

Miles Run

Running has been non-existent, again, this week. The level of the wind and rain has meant that I’d much rather be in the gym. I had my penultimate session with my PT this week and managed to tick off a few more of my targets. I’d set myself a few targets around new year time and have managed to meet them (Well all but one). I was particularly pleased with my push-ups one – I’d wanted to make 20 full push-ups without stopping, which I managed to do this week. I’ve spent a fair amount of time working on my core and upper body strength and it’s starting to pay off now.

I’m half tempted to find a run to sign up to, to give me something to focus on and push me to run more, but then I guess that I am happy doing what I do in the gym so does it really matter what I’m doing?

Miles Completed this week: 0

Miles completed this month: 0


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