The Ultimate ‘Leftovers’ Meal

The Ultimate ‘Leftovers’ Meal

Last week we got a new (to us) fridge and freezer. It meant that I had to run down the old one and try to use up the food that we had left.  I had about a third of a packet of mince, a few new potatoes, one carrot and half a tin of baked beans. I decided to have a go at creating a leftovers meal.

I’m not a meat eater so I struggle at being creative with meat dishes, however I decided to have a go at making a pie. So, armed with a pack of pastry (I never make pastry – I probably should if I was a good old fashioned house wife, but it’s cheap to buy and a million times easier and quicker to use ready made!).

I chopped up an onion and added that to the pan with the mince and left it to cook for a short while. I chopped the new potatoes into small cubes and did the same with the carrot.

Once the mince has started to brown I added in the potatoes and carrot wish a good helping of Worcestershire sauce and plenty of black pepper.

I left this for about five minutes or so then added in the half tin of baked beans and some beef stock. I left it all to simmer together for I think about 20-30 minutes then rolled out the pastry for the pie.

I added the mixture in, put the pastry top onto the pie and cooked until the pastry had browned.

Damian and the children enjoyed it and it looked much better than I thought it would do, so I was quite impressed that my attempt at using up the last of the various food items we had been a success.

I think pies are such a good way to use up left over veg and meat and it was so simple to do too! The images are a bit dodgy as I snapped them on my phone, not really expecting it to be a blog worthy meal!

Ultimate leftover meal recipe


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  1. Pauline x
    26th February 2015 / 19:49

    Looks Delicious Sarah

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