Thoughts on my children and the internet

Thoughts on my children and the internet

Whilst scrolling through my twitter timeline earlier this week I saw a tweet about a survey My Voucher Codes has conducted about parents worries with regards to their children and the internet.

It sparked my interest and I headed over to have a look as internet safety is one of those things that anyone with children needs to be aware of. Daniel and Emma clearly don’t access the internet now, but it is something at the back of my mind about how we will deal with it. I think my own biggest concerns are around bullying and peer pressure and perhaps a naivety and innocence in some of the things they are sharing. I know that I am often alarmed at some of the things I see some of the younger people I follow on Instagram often post. And then that makes me feel old!

Facebook for example, whilst a wonderful way of keeping in touch often causes so many problems. It is a brilliant way to share information and I know that I get a lot from the various Home Education and blogger groups that I am a member of, but equally it can cause a number of headaches with people misinterpreting things that are written, as can always be the way when writing in informal ways. Twitter I find moves at a quicker pace, but then we have seen people often come unstuck from ill thought out tweets.

I guess in some ways we have a pretty good set up here. Damian works in an IT role which means that he is always on top of security and technical stuff, such as blocking inappropriate content and making sure our home set up is secure etc. The nature of my work means that as a blogger I am usually pretty au fait and on top of latest social media developments. I would hope that between the two of us we can keep on top of emerging trends to keep our children safe online.

Technology and the internet are amazing and wonderful things, I can remember the excitement all those years ago when we connected to the world wide web via the modem (and if you are like me then you may well be old enough to remember the dial-up connections and the noise the modem made as it was dialling!). There was an excitement at this new thing.

When I was growing up our email address was a number (and yes I can *still* recall it – 101366.23247@…..) and I seem to recall our access was limited a set number of hours per month. Now we have tablets and smart phones and always on internet. I alone have four email addresses that I use and access as well as facebook profile, twitter, instagram etc.

At the moment we limit Daniel and Emma’s screen time and I think I will be keen to foster a wide range of skills in them as they grow older. Clearly being computer and internet savvy is a must in this day and age, and I think the job Damian and I have is to try to keep on top of emerging trends, technologies and social platforms so as to ensure we can best protect Daniel and Emma.

If you’re interested in looking at the results of the survey you can find it here at techlounge. It’s quite interesting I think and there are things that some parents are concerned about that didn’t even occur to me, for example effects of education. What are your views on keeping your children safe whilst using the internet, do you have any major concerns?





  1. 27th February 2015 / 15:46

    hmm – that’s an interesting question to pose, and one that many parents are grappling with – thankfully its not one that I have to wrestle with these days but it is truly alarming how easy it is to access content that you would not want young children to see

  2. 27th February 2015 / 21:15

    This is something that worries me as Molly grows up. It is a scary world online and some of the news stories you hear about internet bullies etc is scary. I hope Molly isn’t stuck to the computer all the time. As for TV I will admit it tends to be on in the background but I have never put kids TV shows on I don’t want her to be into things like Peppa Pig etc unless she has read about them. I feel this seems to be a bit of an outdated view though and sometimes I do feel a bit guilty. Not guilty enough to put on mind numbing kids TV shows. My hubby said he heard on the news that children ages 2-10 (I think) that watch 2 hours of TV a day have higher blood pressure. Scary.

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