Travelling North for our Holiday

Travelling North for our Holiday

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This year we went on holiday to Scotland. I love Scotland and we are lucky to live within reasonable distance of such a beautiful part of the world. It’s a place that holds happy memories and somewhere I know we will return to regularly with the children.

We stayed at a beautiful cottage in a small village near to Stirling. The Cottage we stayed at was just perfect for us – more than enough space for the five of us and it had the sort of kitchen I dream of – large and sociable and with plenty of space to prep meals whilst talking with the children.

The space was peaceful and a much-needed space to rest. Both Damian and I were more than ready for a break away from home and the demands that everyday life brings. The Garrique was incredibly peaceful and restful, and the view from the lounge windows was stunning – it really was the perfect space to get away and relax. The children certainly enjoyed the time away and liked the freedom that the space allowed. We were up and out early, after enjoying filling in our holiday memories and sharing breakfast around the table.

Of course, holidays with children takes a bit of planning so we did have a list of places we could go – nothing was set in stone and I had identified places that might work, regardless of whatever the weather might be. I’d also made sure that I had clothes sorted, a few new t-shirts for the boys, new shorts for Em and a couple of news bits for Damian and I too.

Perhaps the biggest prep we had to do was checking the car over. As were travelling some 250 miles to our rental property we wanted to make sure the car was as it should be. I’ll admit that I do leave some of this more practical stuff to Damian with regards to the car.

I’d sorted it for it’s MOT a few days prior to us going away so we knew that all the major things were sorted, but of course it always makes sense to double check tyres and the such. As anyone who knows me personally will know we had a real spate of problems with our car tyres. We had the back two replaced as servicing back in April raised them as an advisory so we knew they were in need of replacing (and it always pays to search around online for places like Iverson Tyres – there’s always some great prices to be found online rather than heading to the local garage). However, Damian made sure the air in the tyres were topped up to the right levels and checked the water in the windscreen bottles too before we headed off.

The car was fine thankfully (although a little warm given the rather hot weather we have been experiencing!) and it was just a top up of petrol and a check of the tyres again before we headed back South to Manchester.

Our journey to Scotland was perfect and all five of us enjoyed our time there. I’m already planning our next trip north – just to decide where to head to this time.


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