Our Diverse World Books

Our Diverse World Books

We have gathered a nice little collection of books that demonstrate the diversity of the world and the people who inhabit it so I thought I’d share our favourites in a post here. I’m keen for us to travel a little as a family when the children are a little older (and we, hopefully, have a bit disposable cash!) but for now, I am teaching them about the world beyond our own doorstep.

Welcome to our World is a great book which bills itself a celebration of children everywhere. Daniel loves this book and his favourite section is the one all about different sayings around the world.

welcome to our world book

It takes you through different aspects of life, such as the names for mum and dad, grandparents and even the noises that animals make across the world (Cockerelessay cock a doodle doo in the UK, but kikiriki in Spain!). It’s a fabulous book packed with lots of accessible information all about the world around us and is a perfect introduction to how my own children’s childhood might look in a different corner of the world.

welcome to our world book

We have paired Welcome to our World with the super stylish mini book Foods of the World.  It’s a great little book that takes the reader through the customs and traditions of our food as you take a closer look at the kitchens around the world. It’s a great way to acknowledge and learn about the different cultures and cuisines across the world as well as quirky little facts (anyone know what arachibutyrophobia is?).

foods of the world book

A book I picked up at the charity shop this weekend for a remarkable 20p is one that talks about the world from a historical perspective. It’s called How Children Lived and is published by Dorling Kindersley, who I find produce some excellent and easily accessible non-fiction books. Each double page spread features a child from a particular era in time (Ancient China, Viking Norway, Aztec Mexico to name just three) and you’re provided with information about what their life might have looked like. I plan to use this alongside our history programme which we will start in the next week or two.

how children lived book

Finally, a friend gave me a copy of The Barefoot Book of Children which is a lovely bright book that takes you across the world considering the differences between children, but that ultimately despite those differences, we are much more alike than might initially be thought.

the barefoot book of children

What other books should I be adding to our collection to celebrate our wonderfully diverse world?



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