Thinking about Furniture

Thinking about Furniture

It’s funny isn’t it, the furniture we choose? I suppose Damian and I are fortunate in that we haven’t had to purchase too many big pieces of furniture; a lot of it has been given to us when moved into the house. When we have bought items, we have tried to buy ‘quality’ pieces that will last.

As thoughts turn to our dining room, I’ve been thinking about the furniture we will look to replace. We need a new table and possibly some book cases. I thought I’d share some quick tips to think about when purchasing new furniture.

Most of all when looking for a decent piece of furniture for your home, think of the purpose you want it to fulfil and ensure it meets that requirement. Do you want a sideboard in which to keep your dining ware in or a tallboy to provide much-needed storage in your bedroom? Are you looking for a TV console to hide away your entertainment equipment or a nest of tables for when you have visitors? Let the function inform the design of your furniture.

When considering the design of the piece, think about whether you want something that will merge in with the rest of your furniture or a piece that will strike a distinctive style note. Do you have a particular era or design style in mind that you want your furniture to evoke? Both mid-century style and Art Deco have been strong themes in furniture design recently. If you’re not sure what style appeals to you, then peruse the interior design magazines or hot foot it down to a museum for inspiration. The newly re-opened Design Museum is a good place to start.


Quality of workmanship
When considering a piece of furniture, look out for the tell-tale signs of a well-made piece. Inspect the piece to see if it has dovetail joints or not, as these indicate quality and will last well. If you’re choosing a table, look underneath for corner blocks or bracing that will give it added strength. Pay close attention to the finish of the piece; is the polish or varnish evenly applied for instance? Take a close look at the construction and finish of the piece you’re considering purchasing.

One of the chief considerations when looking for a decent piece of furniture is the material from which it’s made. Materials speak volumes about the quality of a piece. If you’re looking for hardwood furniture, be sure to inspect the furniture closely to confirm it’s not made from a veneer. Have a careful look at your chosen piece and if possible, pull out a draw to check the base structure is not made from a lesser material. If you’re buying a cupboard or sideboard, check the back is made from the same material as the front – as this is also an indication of quality. Direct Furniture Land has a range of solid new oak furniture for you to choose from, which would add a distinctive and stylish addition to your home.

Don’t forget the all important measurements. It could be the most beautiful piece of furniture in the world, but if it doesn’t fit through your doorway or into the room you intend it for, it’s no use at all. So don’t go shopping without your measurements to hand.

So, there you have it, my top tips for what to look out for when you want a decent piece of furniture. Anything else to add?


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