Summer Learning Plans

Summer Learning Plans

I’ve been giving some thought to out learning plans over the summer time. We are still very much enjoying our dinosaur theme – the children’s enthusiasm for all things dinosaur shows no signs of abating so I am sure that dinosaurs will continue to feature in some form or another. The children play with their play mat every day and Miss E has taken to having a plastic dinosaur in bed with her most nights!

I am also introducing more letters and sounds based activities as Mr D is ever interested in these and is beginning to identify these himself. I love watching the process of the children learning. In those moments when you doubt if you’re doing the right thing but to see him begin to start that early reading process himself is so good. Miss E too is keen to tell me letters and sounds and she is on the cusp of beginning to recognise her own name.

Miss E is ever interested in counting and numbers so I have a few things ready for her to look at too to help her learn those early counting skills – she is able, occasionally, to count to three or four but I suspect this is more fluke than anything. I am in the process of making up a numbers and a letters and sounds box for the children with different activities in that I hope we will use on a regular basis.

Inevitably I am more relaxed with Miss E and her learning journey. I am more trusting that she will just learn these things as we go along. She knows her colours and seemed to learn these with very little input from me and her language skills are ever impressive. She is much clearer in her enunciation than Mr D in some words and it is lovely to hear them talk and reason with each other and to tell each other things. I love seeing how Mr D explains to her, or shows her how to do something. Often these moments happen when they’re playing in the bedrooms when I’m out of sight.

I have a few themes in mind for the summer months including mini beasts with a focus on bees – Mr D has asked a couple of times about bees and we have recently had a bees nest to deal with so that has been interesting for them. I also want to take a look at people who help us again, this time with a focus on the emergency services. Like most (all?) children they love seeing police cars, fire engines and ambulances and I hope to link this in to an emergency services charity event taking place over the summer time.

Finally, I am going to set up some reading dens for them. I am conscious that the early days with a newborn means a lot of sitting around. I want to set the tuff spot up into a reading den for them with a little reading area underneath and some activities on top.

My dad recently bought the children the book Aliens Love Dinopants and they love it so I have ordered them a pack of five more in the series for just £6. I have a few ideas for activities based on this that I hope will occupy them for a few hours. I am also going to do a three bears tuff spot for them and an Elmer tuff spot. We have a couple of Elmer books and I am tempted to order this Elmer Collection for them too as they adore the Elmer books so much and they are a staple of our library visits.

Finally, Mr D is showing interest in learning to tell the time, he still seems very young to me for this, but using these number monsters that I picked up in The Works recently he did some early learning, so I need to have a think about how we can do a little more on this; I have some ideas and I think this is something I might focus on more in the autumn as the weather changes and we have more defined time periods of light and dark etc.

telling the time



  1. Pat
    13th June 2016 / 08:46

    Very impressive x

    • 13th June 2016 / 18:41

      we will see how much we manage to get through! x

  2. 14th June 2016 / 23:06

    How funny that we both wrote similar posts! Seb has been interested in time for ages but still hasn’t grasped it, it is hard to understand I think!

    • 15th June 2016 / 18:55

      I think there are things that are of common interest to all young children – emergency services, mini beasts etc. the time thing is interesting, not sure how I’ll go about it to be honest, maybe just the o’clock and half pasts for now. I bought a wipe clean book the other day so will try him with that and see how we get on. I think it’s a bit beyond him but he has asked a few times so don’t want to discourage him x

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