Sensory Basket Ideas

When Daniel was born one of the best things that was bought for us, was a ready made sensory basket.

There a loads of ideas of things to put into baskets from lots of different sources, but I thought I would share with you the contents of our sensory basket…..

Top row….
Fabrics – We have fleece, chiffon, flannel and silky napkins in our basket. The chiffon is great for running over a babies face – covers them enough but they can still see you – this is one of my favourite materials for baby sensory play.

Brushes – mini hairbrush, nail brush and a pastry brush. Daniel loves the brushes and will brush his own hair (and mine!) with any brush he finds. Emma adores the pastry brush.

Kitchen sponges – Emma isn’t too interested in these yet but Daniel used to love them. They are quite rough but he liked the silver on best when he was smaller.

Bottom row….

Baking tin, melamine tray and a tupperware lid – all great for making noises with!

Wooden spoon and a whisk – Daniel loved the whisk – I think he liked the coldness of the metal against sore gums. Emma quite likes chewing the wooden spoon at the moment.

Silicone cake case – great for putting things in and out of. 🙂

Emma loves exploring the basket, and its a great activity for us to play together when Daniel is napping. The different materials are great for her small hands and to help develop her grasp and lifting techniques. Her favourite item at the moment is the pastry brush, she loves me rubbing her nose and forehead with it, and her feet too – it’s sure to get a nice big smile!



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  1. Rosalind Blight
    2nd November 2014 / 20:02

    I love sensory baskets, a child of any age can play with sensory baskets

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