Search and Find Books for Inquisitive Minds

Search and Find Books for Inquisitive Minds

Miss E is a BIG fan of the search and find style books – think Where’s Wally and that’s the sort of thing that she enjoys. She is very good at them – she has a lot of patience for sitting and looking through the pages and I often find her sat pouring over a book looking at the details to find that one tiny thing.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of our recent favourites – mostly new releases but one or two older ones in there as well.

The Migloo books by William Bee (Migloo’s Day and Migloo’s Weekend) have been firm favourties of Miss E’s for some time now. They really are great books and they follow Migloo (a dog) on adventures throughout the book. They are wonderfully illustrated, with stacks of detail in the pages and lots of things to find – including Migloo on each page. There is a lot to make little ones giggle and I think these will be firm favourties from some time to come.

search and find books Migloos Day

A new one that we have been enjoying is the lovely Look for Ladybird in Plant City.  This has a lovely story of Daisy and Detective Basil who are on the hunt for Daisy’s pet ladybird. There are ten areas of the city to explore – looking for the ladybird in each one.  There’s an awful lot going on in each scene and the colours are wonderful – each page taking a different palate of colours. The reader is also invited to search for those things that are written in capital letters – many of which are funny things for little ones to hunt out.

search and find books 1

Find me: A Hide and Seek Book is so good that Miss E immediately whisked this off to her grandparents and I haven’t seen it since – only their favourties books go with them to share with their grandparents so this must be much approved by her! This is a very stunning book – it’s a large bright red book with two wide eyes cut out from the cover. There are two characters in the book that play hide and seek – all the way through eleven beautiful scenes. The characters change colours as they travel through the book – adding a little bit more challenge and intrigue!

A book I have been enjoying with all three children (and those are becoming more a rarity these days as Mr D craves factual books and Mr H is mroe heavy handed so enjoys tactile books instead) is the ever so stylish One Hundred Things to Spot. This is from Wide Eyed Editions (who regular readers will know is my favourite publisher).  I like that this book introduce key concepts and words and things like shape and size as well as opposites.  It’s a lovely book and the children have enjoyed sharing this and looking for the cat and mouse on each page.

search and find books 1

Finally, the Dinosaur Detectives Search-and-Find Rescue Mission has been a hit with Miss E. The dinosaur detective travsl in seach of lost animals and there are a range of destinations he takes you to. The drawigs are incredibly detailed and they’ve kept the children entertained for a while. We like the jungle page here and it’s lovely to hear the children chattering away as they look at what they can spy.

search and find books 1

Please note I was sent some of these books in exchange for a review. These are all books that my children have enjoyed.



  1. 8th September 2017 / 13:13

    I love where’s wally style books and I know even as an adult I’d have fun with these books x

  2. 8th September 2017 / 14:30

    Some lovely books there. I like the illustrations and colour. It’s nice to find books the kids like!!

  3. 8th September 2017 / 22:10

    These books look so interesting. I must keep a look out for them as I’m sure my children will love them.

  4. 9th September 2017 / 01:30

    My boy would love these. I need to actually start thinking of what to get him as we’ve survived on books given as presents up till now.

  5. 9th September 2017 / 08:05

    We love search & find books. Great recommendations.

  6. 9th September 2017 / 14:10

    My Archie would adore the dinosaur book, anything dinosaur based is a hit in our house especially books. He loves to point things out 🙂

    • 9th September 2017 / 20:29

      it’s a great one that one x

  7. 9th September 2017 / 14:51

    I love how the book was wonderfully illustrated, the way the details in every pages of it. I guess even if an adult will enjoy flipping and reading it.

  8. 10th September 2017 / 11:54

    I love books that have a search and find element, especially for younger children that are unable to read yet. It makes the book interactive for them rather than just being read to.
    (hubby helping out)

  9. Pauline.
    10th September 2017 / 12:26

    Very interesting. Looks greatx keeps little minds sharp!

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