Pregnancy update : Third trimester

Pregnancy update : Third trimester

I am officially in the third trimester and I’ll be honest and say I’ve found the past couple of weeks tough. It’s been a combination of things; the children have been difficult, tiredness from busy days and tiredness from struggling to sleep – I have been waking at 3am most nights and stayed awake for a good few hours. Mr D wakes between 6 and 6:300 most days so my days start early.

Last week I came down with a cough and cold and by Saturday I was not in a good place. I nipped out to do the shopping and came home and cried about how tired and achey I felt when I got in – pushing the shopping trolley had made me breathless at times and I was beginning to get myself in a panic. In reality it was just tiredness, being overly emotional and having a chesty cough that had made me feel like that. I ended up falling asleep for a few hours in the afternoon which did me the world of good. I’ve also slept a little better the past couple of nights too, so that’s helping with the tiredness – although I am finding I am beginning to tire on busier days more easily. Damian is off this coming week which means that we can both keep on top of the house work as well as having someone on hand all day to help entertain the children.

I don’t recall having that third trimester tiredness with Mr D and Miss E – I only recall the exhaustion at the beginning so I am hoping that with more attention to my diet and trying to stay active and busy I’ll be able to keep the tiredness at bay a little longer. We will see though, I suspect I’ll be taking a few more baths in the coming weeks to help ease the aches and pains as well as help to rest me.

I am feeling achey sometimes now, and I think the baby has moved into a head or bum down position (previously s/e had been across me) as my bump has changed shape and I can feel a lot more downward pressure now. Both Mr D and Miss E turned from breach to head down after 32 ish weeks and it was painful and made me physically sick so I am hoping at my midwife check this week s/he will already be head down, and stay that way!

I’m finding that I am still gaining weight rapidly, and have to keep away from mirrors. My legs seem to have gone huge all of a sudden and I’m beginning to tire of the comments about how big I look. One shop assistant recently commented that I was ‘massive’. Just what I wanted to hear when I had another 12 weeks to go.

I have a midwife appointment this week for the whooping cough injection as well as some blood tests for a consultant appointment the week after. I’m hoping the consultant will either discharge me back to my midwife (although I fear that is very wishful thinking) or at least not want to see me again until 36 weeks when I can discuss plans for where I want to have the baby (at home).

I’m increasingly anxious about the birth element, which is, of course natural. I know I am making the pain worse in my head than the reality of it, and have to keep reminding myself I’ve already done this twice before and managed the pain. I think my worries are more around needing interventions or having a long labour and how I would cope with that. I’m also worried that it could be as rapid as Miss E’s and I find myself alone (unlikely as I am sure that at the slightest sign of anything happening Damian will arrange to work from home).

We have now sorted out a new car that will accommodate the three car seats and we collect that in a few days. I am glad that that is sorted as it is one less thing to worry about. We now have to look for the best seat option for Mr D which I think we will get sorted by the end of April / early May. Another job to tick off the list.

The children are ever fascinated by the tiny baby and each night Miss E in particular likes to pat and kiss my tummy and ‘look’ at the tiny baby’. It will be interesting to see how they adapt to a new addition! Mr D keeps telling me he wants the baby to be a boy, and when we went to choose the first outfit for him/her he picked up a dress – I had to explain that we didn’t know what we would be having so we did agree to get a neutral baby-gro.


In terms of other purchases I just need to sort out some new vests as well as a baby monitor (our previous stopped working). We still have all the other bits and pieces from Mr D and Miss E so we will get the clothes, crib, moses basket etc down from the loft in due course and get all that ready.

It still feels like an eternity away, but I know that we will soon be approaching the due date – I wonder if we’re ready for another one but I guess there’s no going back now!




  1. 31st March 2016 / 15:43

    You sound so much more organised than me! I am hurtling towards the third trimester and so not ready, a car is the biggest thing we need as we can not squeeze 6 of us into the Mondeo.

    • 31st March 2016 / 18:52

      yep the car was our biggest one, complicated by needing so many rear facing seats! We ended up with a grand C4 picasso – I’ve not been brave enough to drive it yet!

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