Learning Plans – Spring Time

When I have planned out the children’s activities and learning we seem to have a lot of fun and the children are easier to engage. I wanted therefore to make a couple of plans for the Spring time to help focus out activities and learning. We have already been busy planting seeds so we will continue to keep an eye on those and move them outside when they’re ready in the next month or so.

I want to make better use of our tuff spot so this week a stand arrived for it which I will set up next week. We are going to do some stuff around butterfly life cycles and I am busy thinking up some ideas for these – we are going to use some resources from twinkl as well as make some caterpillars and butterflies.  I’m going to have a look for some toys or similar in the discount shops when I get chance (hopefully this weekend) and set up a few activities for the children in the tuff spot using sand and soil to dig out and search for the creatures.

I am also going to have a theme of ‘food’ and some stuff around where our food comes from, eg: grows in the ground, grows on trees, etc. I want to do this one as a week or so ago I made a comment that milk comes from cows and Mr D shook his head like it was a crazy thing to say, so I want to help both the children to understand where food comes from. We might tie this in with a trip out to Blaze Farm which we have been to in Macclesfield a couple of times.

I have a couple of ideas for things to do, utilising the tuff spot and need to get making a few things to support this too.

I’m hoping that these two themes take us through April and most of May and then we might have a think about another topic to look at.

If you have any books or ideas for these two topics then do let me know!


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