Pirates Magnified #nonfictiongems

Pirates Magnified #nonfictiongems

As I have so many wonderful books that I want to share on my blog, I am creating two series to showcase my faves. One will be published at least once each week (usually on a Tuesday) and be called ‘Non-Fiction Gems’ and the second will be on a Friday and be called ‘Fiction Friday’.  I think it will be an easier way for me to showcase my favourite reads each week. Do keep on eye on my Instagram too where I share lots of the books we read.

So, this week’s #nonfictiongem is the wonderful Pirates Magnified by David Long and Harry Bloom. It’s a week or two since this fab book landed with us now and I’ll admit that I gave it a quick look before popping it on the review bookshelf however when I got chance to sit down and look, this is a pretty cool book and it comes complete with a magnifying glass that pops out from the front cover.

PIrates Magnified

The book is a superb walk through of the history of pirates and gives plenty of information on some famous pirates such s Blackbeard and Anne Bonny.  There’s stacks of info in this book and we have only really scratched the surface of it – Miss E and Mr D have been so enthralled by it and trying to find each thing on the page that we are only about halfway through so far.  The level of detail in the pictures created by Harry Bloom is exceptional – there’s so much to see and chat about and I think the children will be keen to look at a pirate project soon once we really get into the book a little more.

PIrates Magnified

This really is one of the first search and find books that Mr D has really taken to. I’ve written before about just how much Miss E enjoys these sorts of book but Mr D has really been taken with this one too, as I think the pictures show.

PIrates Magnified

Pirates Magnified is written by David Long and illustrated by Harry Bloom. It is published by Wide Eyed Editions in September 2017. RRP £14.99 aged 5+

Pirates Magnified




  1. 2nd January 2018 / 12:35

    I’m delighted you enjoyed this book, and very much hope you’ll enjoy my non-pirates sequel later in 2018.

    • 9th January 2018 / 19:47

      I’ll keep an eye out for it! It’s still well read by my oldest two – I often find them pouring over the pictures, seeing what they can spot 🙂

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