Organising our Living Space with Shelfstore

Organising our Living Space with Shelfstore

As I have written about in various posts we have been doing up our living room over recent weeks. We have, hopefully, more or less got the flooring sorted but the final thing to sort out is storage for the children’s books and toys.

We read a lot of books and both Damian and I have some lovely books of our own that are relegated to a tatty old bookcase upstairs. The bookcase is becoming a bit of a dumping ground and all our lovely books are hidden away. We want them to be out and accessible for when we fancy dipping into a book. I want the children to grow up seeing Damian and I read and to continue their love of books as they get older.

Reading is a big part of the children’s weekly activities, and not a day goes by that they don’t help themselves to a book from our reading corner . At the moment it’s all a bit messy and unorganised and we want to have something that is a little tidier, but also that is able to be used by all four of us.

There's got to a better solution!
There’s got to a better solution!

I recently came across a company called Shelfstore  and thought that their shelving system might do the trick.

Shelfstore shelvingThey offer a shelving system that is really customisable, so there is bound to be something that fits any space. They offer lots of different sizes and the shelves are made of a really durable solid wood. There are loads of possibilities with the shelves and by having a play around with the design wizard you can see just what your shelving system will look like, and play around with the different options, adding in more or less shelves, creating more than one bay and adjusting the depth and width of the shelving. The shelving comes in six depths and seven widths and the shelves themselves are able to be moved in 5cm increments, perfect if, like me, you have books that are taller than some, you can create a shelf just for those taller books rather than having them lay on their side rather than stood up.

The shelving for our living room will be the final big purchase for the house this year, so we want to get it right. We haven’t yet decided on our final shelving solution as yet, but we will be playing around with the options from Shelfstore and taking some inspiration from their blog for the different and creative things we could do. In the meantime I think I need to sort through the children’s books and move some into their bedrooms so I can make some extra space for all mine!

This is a collaborative post.



  1. 12th April 2016 / 14:45

    Excellent post, we likey. Hopefully will collaborate with shelfstore too!

  2. 2nd July 2017 / 18:02

    Looking into Shelfstore. How was it? What were the costs like?

  3. Pat
    26th October 2017 / 18:22

    We love Shelfstore and use it all over the house to contain books, CDs and vinyl. It’s also in my home office. We love that t s easy to re-configure if you change our mind about where or how you use it.

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