A Tower of Giraffes

A Tower of Giraffes

One of my favourite things about the English language is the wonderful use of words to create collective nouns.

Collective nouns are the terms used to name groups such as animals for example, a herd of cows, a flock of birds etc.

The book A Tower of Giraffes by Anna Wright showcases some of the weird and wonderful collective nouns.

a tower of giraffes book review

This book didn’t really appeal to Daniel and Emma – the images are made up of water colour, fabric collages  and good old pen and for whatever reason, they just didn’t really connect with it. However, I love this sort of thing and I think this book is well suited as a gift book.

It is a quality hard back book and you can’t help but try to stroke and touch the images – the cover image looks like you should be able to feel the fabric of the collage used to make the giraffes!

There are a lot of different animals covered in this book and there are snippets of information about each group. My favourite collective noun is a Parliament of Owls. Seems quite apt give that Parliament would once have been considered to be made up of wise men (I won’t get into that debate now!) but being described as a parliament seems perfect for such a wise creature! I love how the owls are illustrated too, using a lovely detailed drawing and a single feather to decorate each one.

tower of giraffes book review

This book is lovely and would make a perfect gift book for an adult or an older child. There are also many different illustrative methods to look at and I know we will be out hunting for feathers over the coming months to decorate and draw some of our own pictures.


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  1. Pat
    22nd June 2015 / 16:44

    It looks lovely.

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