New Baby Wishlist

New Baby Wishlist

Being a third baby in less than four years, there aren’t a great deal of things that we need, but that doesn’t stop me having a new baby wishlist!

With around ten ish weeks to go, I’ve been dropping hints to Damian about the sorts of things I might like to see arrive before the baby does!

sleepover silver crossFirst time around we didn’t have to buy a pram – we were lucky enough to be given a Silver Cross by my auntie and uncle, but that doesn’t stop me lusting after the new Silver Cross 2016 Sleepover.

I love the purple design (I wear a lot of purple!) and we have the luxury this time around of having a car with a big enough boot to take a full size pram. I didn’t use the pram at all with Miss E as she hated being lay down but I did enjoy pushing the pram with Mr D when he was a baby.

Using a pram this time around will be a nice way for the children to be involved too as they can help to push it.

I look forward to seeing this one when it’s released in May time – just in time for our June arrival.

A baby monitor is high on my to buy list at the moment. Our last one broke so we need to invest in a new one. I haven’t really done too much research on these yet but this Motorola one seems to get decent reviews. I know a lot of people swear by the video ones, but I’m not sure if I want one of those ones – I’d be interested to hear what people think of them.

I am also hoping to find a baby blanket for the new addition. Mr D had a lovely one that was bought by my work colleagues, and Miss E had one that I picked up before she was born (and she still has on her bed at night time). I quite like this one from Tesco Direct – it is nice and bright and neutral too which is a bonus!

Finally, I would like to try a sling with this baby. I’ve used stretchy wrap in the past and Mr D love the Moby wrap, and Miss E preferred the snugiwrap. I would quite like to try a ring sling this time around, and I love the idea of these slings from Rockin’ Baby who for every sling bought donate one to a mother in Kenya or Haiti. I love the Crystalline (pictured below) and Night Sky ones.

I also like the look of the WutiWrap from We Made Me and I think this is one that Damian might enjoy using too.

rockin baby sling

I also need to collect some vests and baby-gros for the baby – and when we know if we have a he or a she then we can start to get some more clothes. We do have a lot of Mr D and Miss E’s stored in the loft, but we certainly need some new vests and sleep suits.





  1. 13th April 2016 / 15:45

    So exciting, the next few weeks will fly past now x

    • 13th April 2016 / 18:05

      I know – I’m starting to panic that I don’t have anything ready yet! Need to get new vests and sleep suits, a blanket and get the crib down, check its all OK and dig out the bedding for washing and checking what needs replacing! Eeek!!

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