Lots of fun with Letterbox Lab

Lots of fun with Letterbox Lab

For some reason I forgot to write up last month’s letterbox lab so I will write up the last two together – I think these are boxes eight and nine.

We really enjoyed doing these two boxes and I liked that they followed on from each other, so I was able to reference some of the things we had done in box eight when we did something from box nine.

Box eight was all about Bubbles and Boats and the children LOVED this one – they had lots of fun playing with the bubbles; trying to get bubbles within bubbles and we all had so much fun with it.

This box really taught them about being patient and gentle – you can’t rush into creating the bubbles on this one; it takes time to perfect the technique. They were both quite determined to manage blowing the bubble within a bubble which D did manage after a lot of practice!

They also had a blast when we had finished experimenting just blowing bubbles as big as they possibly could! So much fun to be had.

The final one was to fill a bag up with water and pierce it with sharp pencils – we did this outside and I have to say there is definitely a technique to this! The first time I did this I didn’t get it quite right and the water leaked out, but on the second attempt I did and it was most impressive.

I liked how when the next box arrived it followed on from this particular experiment by talking about polymers again. This was lots of fun as we made snow – which they enjoyed playing with and predicting how it would feel and then moving onto the disappearing water which is absolutely fascinating to watch as the sodium polyacrylate absorbs the water – both D and E were enthralled by this as it moved and couldn’t believe they could tip the cone of water upside down and it didn’t fall out.


We moved on to playing with the water beads (be warned you did need to set this one up in advance) and the squirmy worms were lots of fun too – a bit gross to me but fascinating to watch and the children loved doing this!

This last box was fabulous and lots of fun – messy fun is the best thing ever they tell me and this box was messy! Lots of getting their hands stuck into the bowls and playing around!


As ever, we really love the Letterbox Lab boxes – and we have the latest box to do in the coming week which we are looking forward to.


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