How to Hide a Lion at School

How to Hide a Lion at School

Miss E loves all things Lion so when we were offered the chance to take a look at a new book called How to Hide a Lion at School by Helen Stephens (Alison Green Books) I jumped at the chance.

How to Hide a Lion at school review and activities

I’ve since learnt that this is the third in the ‘how to hide a lion’ series and I am sure we will be on the look out for the other two books.

This has fast become a favourite here as we follow Iris and her Lion. This is a lovely story all about how the lion saves the day as he doesn’t want to be apart from Iris.

This is a lovely gentle story with wonderful illustrations and I love the baby wearing mummy early on – both the children pointed this out and it’s great to see images such as this becoming more and more prevalent in children’s picture books.

How to Hide a Lion at school review and activities

This story gently touches on some big emotions that young children often struggle to verbalise; things like loneliness and rejection, and sadness. It’s hard to often help small children understand these emotions as being part of parcel of life so it’s nice to see them gently raised and tackled in books like these.

How to Hide a Lion at school review and activities

Both the children love this book and it’s one I am sure will remain a firm favourite in our reading pile for some time to come.


Suggested Activities

  • Paint a lion picture – maybe look to imitate the style of the lion in this book and talk about how that might be achieved
  • talk to children about how the Lion and Iris might be feeling at different stages in the story – encourage them to talk about times they have felt the same way
  • Make a mummy lion
  • Make lion masks and role play key elements of the story with the children, working on gross motor skills such as jumping
  • Small world play to include small world people figures, lion and a bus to recreate the story


how to hide a lion at school is a great book for helping children explore big emotions - this post includes some great extension activities

Read With Me


  1. 26th September 2016 / 06:22

    There are some great illustrations in this book. We like the picture of the lion hiding in the ancient Egypt room 🙂


  2. Sarah (Mum x3x)
    26th September 2016 / 08:07

    I love the suggested activities! Painting a lion would be a huge hit with my daughter, she loves lions SO very much! Great book, lovely illustrations, too! #ReadWithMe

  3. sarahmo3w
    26th September 2016 / 16:21

    This sounds a lovely book. I should look out for it for my niece and nephew for Christmas – especially as my niece will be starting school next year!

  4. 29th September 2016 / 06:49

    We love these books too! Love the baby wearing in them too, that was something we spotted. In the first book, dad wears the baby too 🙂 #readwithme

    • 2nd October 2016 / 15:33

      oooh, will have to get a copy of the first one too 🙂

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