Gardening for all seasons

Gardening for all seasons

I’ve written before that the job of sorting the garden firmly falls to Damian in our house. It’s not one of the things I enjoy, but I do recognise the times of year when more input is needed. Damian, generally takes on the bulk of the garden work thankfully but autumn is the time when I have to get stuck in too.

As much as I love autumn, I am not so keen on all the falling leaves in the garden that need clearing away. We also tend to not use the garden space so much once the weather starts to turn. Luckily for me, Rattan Direct have produced The Ultimate four-season gardening guide which is full of information to help you make the most of your garden in each season.

The guide is packed with stacks of ideas about the design of your garden for each season – offering tips and advice to maximise it. If you’re pretty clueless, like me, as to which plants thrive well at different times then there’s advice to support that too.

We will be making a start on clearing our garden for the winter in the next week or two. It’s time to cut back the bushes, clear away the furniture and say goodbye to the lazy evenings in the garden. I think this autumn we will try to enjoy the garden a little more on those fresh days so we’ll be looking at how to attract some wildlife in as well. As we have been studying our nature curriculum, the children are ever more interested in the animals and birds they see, so this could be a great way to encourage that this autumn.

How do you change your garden with the passing seasons?


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