Five Books to get little ones interacting

Five Books to get little ones interacting

So, the first Friday of 2017 sees the return of my ‘five books’ series. This week I am thrilled to be featuring the lovely Kim from BookBairn. Kim and I share a love of fabulous children’s books and I love seeing what Kim and her little one are reading, and look forward to seeing what books their new addition due this year enjoys.

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But, for now… over to Kim….

books to get children interacting - here are a selection of books that are guaranteed to engage young chidlren

Today I’m sharing my five favourite books to get little ones interacting and engaging with books and stories. There are lots of great interactive books out there and everyone is familiar with the great touch-and-feel books that little ones adore, but sometimes, as a parent who reads the same stories over and over again it’s nice to find a book that has a great story as well as engages those little hands and minds.

The First Stories series by Campbell Publishing

This series of books are fantastic retellings of traditional stories and fairytales from Snow White to the Jungle Book. The retellings are short, only the cover and four double-page spreads but it packs a lot into those pages. Interactive stories, each book is filled with pull-tabs, twisting wheels and little finger-sized tabs to make the story truly come to life! Our favourite is Alice in Wonderland which is full of quirky illustrations and bold bright colour palette, perfectly bringing to life the bizarre world of wonderland. You can find our full review on the blog here.

Pounce! Little Kitten by Jo Lodge

Jo Lodge is a truly wonderful illustrator and author and her books are perfect for the littlest readers. Packed full of simple lines, bold colours and adorable characters any of her books will get your little one loving storytime. But our favourite is ‘Pounce Little Kitten’ a push, pull and pop-up story of a cat and a mouse. A cat spots a mouse and decides to take chase, until they both knock over a jug of milk and become friends to help in the clearing up! This is one of the first books that BookBairn joined in with reading the words aloud but mostly she loves all the mechanisms to make the characters move. It really brings the story to life!

pounce! Little Kitten

Boris Babysits! by Sam Lloyd

‘Boris Babysits!’ is the newest release in this series of Monster puppet books. In this latest installment, Monster Mummy is going shopping and, rather unwisely, leaves boisterous Boris holding the baby. Fortunately, help is at hand for Boris, as little readers are asked to help out too. Purple Monster Baby is a lovely little puppet attached by a ribbon and can be stuck onto the pages with velcro tabs allowing little readers to easily manipulate the puppet. Far from gimmick-y, the puppet in this book allows little readers to truly engage with the story and encourages imaginative play. You can see BookBairn playing with this one on our blog here.

Peek-through Forest by Jonathan Litton and Kasia Nowowiejska

This is such a genius little book for introducing little ones to forest creatures! Packed full with the flora and fauna of the forest, little ones can lift the flaps to discover who is hiding underneath! Each page features two flaps to lift as well as a page-size tab that asks ‘can you spot…?’ further helping little ones explore this landscape. Underneath are some fascinating facts in the ‘did you know…?’ section. The illustrations are bold and bright and little ones will love finding all the cute animals. BookBairn loves this one! And it has really helped her with her animal recognition!

peek through forest

Tickle My Ears by Jörg Mühle

This is a story about a little rabbit who is getting ready for bed. A book you think you’ve read many times before, right? Wrong! This is so clever. It’s interactive. Not with flaps, or touch and feel, or loop-the-loops. It simply asks your child to join in with the routine. When we first see Little Rabbit he is faced away from us, clutching his blanket – tell tale signs for anyone that it’s bedtime. The text says ‘tap him on the shoulder – will he turn around?’ and as you turn the page you see his buck-tooth smile, holding his toothbrush getting ready for bed. For little ones like BookBairn they’ve had that first reward! Follow the instructions and the bunny does something new. Clap you hands to get him to put his pajamas on. Say ‘Hoppity-hop’ and he hops into bed. Tickle his ears. Rub his back. Give him a kiss. And finally turn out the light. What a lovely bedtime routine. BookBairn absolutely loves this book and it really is a perfect bedtime story. On our blog there is a lovely video of her interacting with this one.


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  1. BookBairn's Papa C
    6th January 2017 / 16:36

    I loved reading Tickle My Ears with BookBairn. She really joined in.
    BookBairn’s Papa C.

    • 6th January 2017 / 19:40

      ah, it sounds like such a great book x

    • G'ma BookBairn
      7th January 2017 / 09:17

      You’re so right! That’s a favourite of mine as well

  2. 9th January 2017 / 10:28

    There are so many great toddler books to choose from. I love the Peek Through books from Little Tiger 🙂


  3. 9th January 2017 / 19:23

    Some lovely choices, I think my little one would enjoy Tickle My Ears. #readwithme

    • 10th January 2017 / 14:33

      It’s brilliant! I’ve put the follow-up on my 2017 Anticipated reads post because Tickle My Ears is so good!

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