Five Books we have been reading

Five Books we have been reading

I’ve not posted in my ‘five books’ series the past couple of weeks, but I wanted to share five books this week that the children and I have been reading and enjoying together. We are so lucky to be sent some wonderful books, and it really isn’t possible to review each one individually but here are five of our favourites from those we have recently been sent.

Deep in the Forest by Josef Anton and Lucie Brunelliere is stunning. This is a beauty of a book with lots of lift out flaps for little hands to explore. It’s a sizeable board book and one that Miss E, in particular, has been really drawn to. There are a number of scenes deep in the forest and the reader is invited to look at what the animals are doing and then look for another, which is hiding. Lots of fun and I think we will be recreating some of these scenes on the tuff spot when we look at jungle animals again in the summer.

Deep in the forest

It’s packed with detail and the back cover has over 50 animals pictured and the names are noted at the bottom of the page – ingenious use of space and we have enjoyed trying to find the various animals back in the main body of the book.

We have also been enjoying The Clever Mouse by Anahita Teymorian. Published by Tiny Owl this is slightly longer than other books that we read, and is that first step into longer stories for the children, but Mr D in particular. We have only read this a couple of times, but the children have enjoyed the pictures and they understand the moral of the story; one of the need for kindness. I do enjoy the books from Tiny Owl as they’re so different from other books that we read and they’re always delightfully illustrated and a first step into a different culture and world for the children.

My Tail’s Not Tired! by Jana Novotny Hunter is lots of fun and the children have, of course, acted out this book as we have read through it. It follows a little monster who has all the excuses under the sun as to why he isn’t tired and of course can’t possibly go to bed! Lovely simple illustrations and lots of fun to be had reading this one.

When the children spotted this book last week, 15 things NOT to do with a Granny, they couldn’t wait to get stuck in! This has lots of funny things that you definitely shouldn’t do with your granny.  It’s the perfect mixture of silliness and with a nice sentiment at the end to remind you what you really should do with Granny. The illustrations had the children laughing away, especially at the prospect of giving a crocodile as a birthday gift!

And finally, both Mr D and Miss E have loved the Pairs! Books we were sent. We have Pairs! in the Garden and Pairs! Underwater. When the children spotted these they asked Grandad to read them instantly. I’ve long been an admirer of Lorna Scobie’s art work and these two books are a visual delight. So much to look at and a great way to work on matching and memory skills with young children. Miss E is pretty good on memory stuff and these books are right up her street.  The text is lovely with a gentle rhyme so they’re nice and easy to read, as well as being informative. The underwater one has inspired us to take a closer look at under the sea as our theme for our activities this month.

pairs lorna scobie

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  1. 5th March 2017 / 17:42

    I am loving the books here. My kids love reading so will look out for them when next I am in a book store.

  2. 5th March 2017 / 22:24

    That’s a lovely selection of books. The illustrations are great.

  3. 6th March 2017 / 11:04

    15 things NOT to do with a Granny sounds like a great book to give grandma on Mothers’ Day 🙂


  4. 6th March 2017 / 11:52

    These look great! We love Deep in the Forest too – its a beautiful work of art! I think BookBairn would like the pairs book so I will need to look out for them! #readwithme

  5. sarahmo3w
    6th March 2017 / 14:33

    This sounds like a really good selection for little ones. I can imagine my niece and nephew would like the 15 Things Not to Do with a Granny and My Tail’s Not Tired in particular.

  6. suzanna
    6th March 2017 / 19:14

    He he. I love the sound of 15 things Not to do with a Granny. Will have to look out for that one 🙂

  7. 6th March 2017 / 20:19

    I keep seeing 15 things not to do with a granny and really want to get a copy, it sounds great and I do like Holly Sterling’s books. #readwithme

  8. 6th March 2017 / 20:28

    Really useful to read a post about children’s books. My little one is inky 14 months but loves books. I especially like the look of the the deep in the forest and my tails not tired ones. Thanks.

  9. 6th March 2017 / 21:26

    We’re always on the look out for new books. Will be sharing more of ours, too! Love the sound of 15 things NOT to do with granny. Will be getting that for Mother’s Day pressies. Thanks for the tips! X

    Kat x

  10. shelllouise
    8th March 2017 / 08:13

    That’s a lovely selection of books 🙂

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