My First Ballet : Sleeping Beauty

My First Ballet : Sleeping Beauty

I’m all for creating different opportunities for the children to experience different things. I saw an opportunity for us to head to a first ballet at the Palace Theatre in Manchester a couple of weeks ago. The tickets were only £9 each so I thought it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Expanding children's horizons with a trip to the ballet

The day of the ballet coincided with Manchester United playing in the FA Cup Semi Final so my mum had Damian’s ticket and came along with us.

I wasn’t really too sure what to expect. I would never book for myself to go and see a ballet, I like musicals and the theatre in general, but a ballet isn’t something that has ever appealed to me.

I was really impressed. The children were engrossed in the whole thing – mesmerised by the stage and costume design which really were spectacular as well as the dancing of course. Sleeping Beauty isn’t a story they are familiar with but they were engaged the whole way through.

Miss E got a bit upset at the bad fairy, but nothing a quick cuddle couldn’t sort out and she actually fell asleep for the last fifteen minutes or so. I forget that she is only just two and that amount of concentration required for something like the theatre is huge for her.

Sleeping Beauty

The production was around 90 minutes long and there was a short interval. It was just the right length of time I think – Miss E fell asleep as I mentioned and Mr D was getting a little restless – it was warm in the theatre.

I am glad I took them along to experience this. If there is another opportunity in the future then I am sure we will go along. I’m not sure I’d book for the ballet just for me. Whilst I can appreciate the amazing stage design and the skill of the dancers I think I’d much prefer to see a musical or something similar.

As an aside, how cute are the children’s t-shirts? We were sent these from Rockin’ baby recently. Rockin’ Baby are pretty special as for every item sold they give back to a child in need and are on track to donate 1/4million pieces this year.


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  1. Pat
    14th May 2016 / 09:04

    It was lovely I really enjoyed it. The to shirts are lovely.

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