Easter with Springboard Supplies

Easter with Springboard Supplies

I was recently sent a whole bundle of craft goodies from the team at Springboard Supplies. They sent us a selection of their Easter products and over the past few weeks we have been using them.

The first thing we made were these Easter chick boxes. We decorated them with paper shapes, sequins and feathers, adding eyes etc as required. these were great fun to make and the children have them on the sideboard, awaiting their Easter egg in the next week or so.

easter chick boxes

These are really easy to make and there are a lot of different things that could be done; shape cutting for older children to decorate them with, drawing and colouring patterns etc, or, like Mr D and Miss E sticking various craft items to them! They both enjoyed making these up and I think we might make some more next week as we have a couple left to decorate.

It was also a nice way to introduce the ideas of ‘nets’ to Mr D and how something can go from a flat item to a 3d finished product.

easter chick boxes

Last week we were up early and the children wanted to ‘do making’. I’m usually pretty good at thinking up crafts for the children but it was a particularly early start and I was already flagging so I decided we would have a look at the Easter crowns. I was really impressed with these – they are really quick and easy to alter to the correct size so I had them ready to decorate in no time at all – meaning I didn’t have too impatient children on my hands.

With the crowns we were sent a selection of paper shapes (which I loved, as did the children). We stuck the paper shapes to the crowns and Mr D drew on his crown as well (He is into drawing shapes at the moment). We will make another crown each I think next week in the run up to Easter as this was a great exercise and I really liked the little animal shapes that we had – I might get the children to decorate those up first with eyes and feathers before sticking them to our crowns.

easter crowns

Finally, this week we made some triple egg decorations. I really liked these, and Miss E loved these too and wanted to keep making them! The children each chose their three pieces of egg and we decorated them with paper shapes, Easter sequins and feathers (and of course we got the pens out too). Once they’d dried I fastened them together and they’re hung up at the moment – I plan to make a couple more with the children over the weekend and string them up across the French doors.

triple egg decorations

For slightly older children you could get the to thread the eggs together themselves and create more intricate patterns – my two are just interested in gluing and sticking at the moment though.

triple egg decorations

Next week in the lead up to Easter I plan some more crafts so we will do some more of each of these as well as some Easter cards too.

I am really impressed with these items from Springboard supplies, and I hope they start doing some smaller sized packs for home use (at the moment they produce class sized packs of 30). They have some brilliant paper shapes which I’ve not seen elsewhere so when it’s time to replenish our craft stock I’ll be ordering some of these.



  1. Pauline
    18th March 2016 / 13:49

    It’s more fun in your house than in mine!

  2. 22nd March 2016 / 01:04

    Wow I love those crowns, I’ve not heard of Springboard before, will definitely check out their website, x

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